Getting Married in April, Baby due in June, Help with Honeym

Hey girls,

I need some help please. As title says, getting married in April, nearly everything is sorted and hey presto, i've fell pg!! We are both really happy about this as we've been trying for 2 and a bit years but obviously we're a bit shocked. Thing is and luckily i guess, we haven't booked our honeymoon as yet but i'll be about 30-31 weeks when we get married so was wondering if any of you had ideas of where we could go?

I don't want a long haul flight for obvious reasons but wouldn't mind a short haul, eg Italy or something. I know i have to check with the airlines as they all have diffeent policies about flighing in pg but really need some suggestions. Preferably somewhere warm/hot would be nice, other than that no other criteria!!

Thanks for helping

Ps i posted this in general but only had 1 reply :cry:

Anybody who has been in position i would be truely grateful for some ideas x


  • I haven't ever been in your position, but I can wholehearted recommend the Italian Lakes. It's beautiful and very romantic. My OH and I went there in June this year and it was lovely.

    The southern part of Lake Como if fantastic and Lake Maggiore is also beautiful.

    The flight to Milan is only a couple of hours and driving is pretty easy if you decide to hire a car. The food is fantastic and the people are lovely.

    There's loads to do if you're feeling up to it, or you can sit in a cafe / on the beach / in beautiful gardens and just relax.

    There is a fabulous hotel in Stresa on Lake Maggiore that begins with B - I stayed there once for a long weekend and it was amazing - there was a huge double bath in the hotel room bathroom!

    What more do you need...

    B x
  • Oh thanks so much Busby, thats really helped and sounds ideal. Who did you fly with/book with etc give me a starting point. I've looked on google but can't really find anything that is helpful.

    Thanks again x
  • No problem - I love talking about holidays and travelling.

    We flew budget to Milan (Bergamo) with Ryanair. Picked up a car at the airport and drove to the villa which we booked through these people...

    You make all the arrangements directly with the property owners and don't pay agents fees so you tend to get more for your money. I've had fantastic holidays booked through this site and the owners seem to be really helpful with recommending good restaurants and places to go.

    I can't really recommend any packages as I don't do them. I prefer to book everything seperately - you save money and have more independence.

    Good luck!

    B x

  • Id say speak to the travel agent as I know some airlines wont allow you to fly after 28 weeks xxxx
  • Is the Canaries too far for you? Its about 4 & a 1/2 hours by flight and it will be hot there in April. You'd need to decide where you want to go ( we went to puerto rico which was a lot cheaper but think I would of preferred puerto morgan as was a lot nicer) when there but they should be plenty to do (boat trips, excursions and weather for the pool & beach).
  • I thought 25 weeks was the cut off point for flying ! We are going away to the caneries in December and I will be around 22 23 weeks. I would do some research as you dont want to go into labour while you are out there !! xxx
  • Thanks ladies,

    I did state in my original post about finding out about flying - i checked with virgin and they let you fly up until 32 weeks if you are well, all you need is a letter from your gp/midwife confirming that!! Obviously noone wants to go into labour in a place that they're not familiar with!! Plus i'd never put our baby's life at risk by flying if it isn't safe. Sorry if this sounds rude but i'm not stupid, i'm just asking for some advice on where to go.

    Thanks Busby for your info x
  • I'd also recommend Italy - more familiar with Tuscany but heard Lake Como is lovely.
    It should be warmer than here but not too warm at that time. Also there's lots to see and food is wonderful.

    Just a thought, if you have problems with any airlines letting you fly, there's also the eurotunnel, it also might be more comfortable for you too.
  • after 28 weeks i'm sure they don't even let you go on a ferry cuz we wanted to go over to the isle of man but just couldn't get there, no1 will insure u after 28 weeks, especially on a plane it's just too dangerous, ur at a serious risk of DVT and do u really wanna fly when ur that far gone?! it's soooo uncomfortable being sat on a bus for 10 mins, never mind a few hours crammed into a plane seat...i know the weather ain't great but there's some lovely places in the UK you can visit and maybe have a belated honeymoon after ur baby is born? hope ur ok x
  • Thanks ladies for your advice, i really appreciate it x
  • Don't forget to let us know what you decide on, so we can get very jealous!

    I want to go on holiday... All my friends are going skiing in January and I can't go. :\(

    B x
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