cheeky sod!

hi girlies and beautiful bumps, hope your all well.

Im 34 weeks preggers now andi work in a shoe shop, it has 3 flights of stairs to the stock room. the other day a gentleman asked me for a pair of shoes so i went upstairs and got them came back down and he said " couldnt you find them?" !!!!!!! :x he thiught i took ages! i was prob about 4 mins! cheeky bas***d! :evil:

i didnt even mention my bump, i just said, "well it is 3 flights of stairs"

how rude are some people!



  • i know, a lady asked me to get down and fasten her shoes, i told her i couldnt even fasten my own!

  • My jobs like that, people ask me to go and get things from the stock room (which is only 2 flights of stairs but still) and then moan because it takes me a while!
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