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Period or Pregnancy??

Hi all!

Ok so this is my first month TTC and am due on my period in 10 days... I have slightly sore nipples, on and off nausea, constant burping, especially after or during food and occasionally have a little reflux. My tummy is bloated and I get period pains. On top of this I have this copper like taste in my mouth and feel quite tired. Could these be post ovulation or early period symptoms? Surely you can’t experience “pregnancy symptoms” so early on?? TIA xx


  • Period symptoms mimic those of pregnancy, and as you're not due on for so long, i really think it's better to not try and read into these symptoms - test when your period is due, not before. Good luck.  

  • Ive got many pregnancy symptoms but all the tests I have taken are negative...I dont know if I took them too early or what...but I dont think I've started my period even thoughit was due today...but I do have a slight bleeding that is brownish and not nnearly as thick as period blood...but ive also been cramping fairly badly...I dont know what's going on...please help me with this im sooooooo confused...

  • Ok so if your period is due today or tomorrow and you have a slight bleed, this is very likely your actual period. From what you're saying, coupled with the negative tests, i'm afraid i think this is just your period. Good luck for next month, and also try downloading a period tracking app - i use Flo, you just need to keep putting your symptoms in the app. 

  • Yeah I figured it was...and ive actually got two different apps that I use...but honestly. .im kind of relieved. ..while I wanted a still too young...I fifteen. ..I mean...I really did want a baby...after all ive gone through I wanted someone I could love and who would love me back. ..but its silly really..

  • Oh honey, i'm nearing 40 and however you are feeling right now, there is SO much for you to do before you become a mum! There is so much of life for you to experience, and fun to be had, and as wonderful as having a baby is and being a mum, hold off for now - you have so much else to experience first, and being a mum is so, so hard. As you're having sex, please do try and be responsible, use protection.

    Please talk to your mum about how you're feeling - i'm sure she loves you unconditionally. Live your life, study, have fun, make friends, hold off the baby for a few years at least x

  • I would talk to my mum but I dont exactly have one... she left me with my father and then kidnapped me last year for about five months...and I dont really have any friends because im "different" and my dad isn't really here

  • Hi sorry, does anyone have a response to my original post? Sorry we seem to have gone off track and really wanted some advice :(

  • Sorry cassidy, you're right, too early for pregnancy symptoms - remember pregnancy symptoms and period symptoms are really alike, the only thing you can do is wait it out and test when your period is due. It's a waiting game i'm afraid.

    jessy, being different or not the norm, nothing wrong in that love - just gotta find your place in the World, and you will. Any other family you can talk to? Or even a good friend or her mum?  

  • No...not really...and I dont have any family...they all left me because of my father and how he is..

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