I am really fancying having a nice salad but have heard that you shouldn't eat packed salad because of lysteria. is this right?
Is it just packed salad or lettuce in general?
Is everybody else eating tomatoes/lettuce...

What happens if the tomatoes have soil on them?


I am 12+2 weeks and have my 12 week scan tomorrow, Am really nervous as still have had No symptoms. Feel absolutely normal and not at all pregnant.
Saw heartbeat at early scan at 5+3.

Thanks. x


  • Salad and veg are highly recommended but I think you have to be sensible and make sure everything is washed thoughroughly before consumption, even pre-washed lettuce!

    Good luck with the scan tomo, hope it goes well.
    Em xxx
  • Hi

    It's a minefield isn't it! Lettuce and packed salad is fine, just need to wash it again to make sure it cleaned properly.
    Hope this helps, good luck with your scan tomorrow...
  • Yeah, packed salad is fine. I hate washing lettuce as it goes all soggy so if you're the same then buy organic salad coz there's no pesticides used on it! Good on you though, I dont think I've touched lettuce for ages lol! x
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