Is it normal?

I'm 15+6 and I still have no bump image is it normal not to have a bump at this stage? I know it's different for everyone but I'm getting a little impatient and I know it won't be long before the impatience moves to worry lol



  • hi
    my friend is 19 weeks and her bellys as flat as a pancake!
    she was big on her last baby but as they say every pregnancys diffrent.
    my other friend gave birth just before xmas and there was nothing of her either!
    hope this helps
  • it does put my mind at ease image thank you, I suppose I just want a bump to cuddle and feel like I have been waiting for a million years lol
  • my mum said she was still wearing her normal jeans at 7 months
  • i feel the same as u CazA, my mate was just gone 11 weeks and it obvious she was pregnant, but with me im 13 weeks (ok not as far as you) but i want something to cuddle to, i just cant wait unil i can see that little bump forming. My stomach justs looks the same as it always has, frumpy and flappy size 12. but im sure someday soon we will both be waking up and feeling something like a little bump.
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