I have been working with the local council for a year on a temporary contract, i am 27 weeks pregnant.

I was advised all along my contract would likely be extended as every other colleagues has but BOY WAS I WRONG.

Ive been chasing them upfor months and they have told me my contract will be extended - by ONE MONTH only.

Will i still be entitled to my SMP??????

Im panicking im gonna have no money - i have bills to pay and am gonna be a single mum and feel soooooo stressed i ust wanna cry.

They interviewed me for another temporary post (doing exactly the same job ) yesterday and have just told me i was "unsuccessful" although no reasons as to why.

Theyre doing this cos im PG but i cant prove it.

What do i do???? xxxxxx


  • you may be entitled to maternity allowance if not smp. if you get in touch with job centre plus they'll be able to tell you if ur entitled to this or anything else if ur on ur own and struggling with money.
    They sorted me out anyway or try local cab office and they will tell u where u stand x
  • I would speak to the citizen advice office asap and see where you stand hun. If you are not entitled to SMP through work then you will be entiltled to maternity allowance which is the same amount, just means that you won;t get any paid hols or 90% of your wage for the first 6 weeks but I am not 100% certain on this. Also you can apply for the sure start maternity grant if you are on benifits. Sorry I can't help more. Tammi xxx
  • I'm not sure but if your company isnt gonna payup i think you can claim it via the job centre (dole) as you have been working and paying NI its the same amount too. dont worry im sure someone on here will have the answer you need. good luck xxxx
  • You should contact Citizens Advice Bureau, id say you have been 'employed' by them for the period required to get SMP!! But get double checking and if not, its DEFINATE grounds for unfair dismissal - you'd think a council would be really careful when dealing with pregnant ladies!! its the toughest situation for both employees and employers but the employer ALWAYS loses in this day in age due to Sex Discrimation... get some legal advice hun x
  • I just spoke to HR ans they have advised i am still entitled to my SMP however i wont have a job to come back to when this ends.

    This pregnancy has been so hard so far with SPD and last week i spent 4 days in hospital with unexplained bleeding.

    Im doing this alone and have been trying so hard to pay off debts and sort myself out (moved home to parents as wanted to save a deposit for a mortgage instead of renting which was too expensive)

    Everything seems to go wrong i feel so low i just wanna burst into tears right here at my desk xxxx
  • im not too sure if you are entitled to smp, if dont get it then u can get maternity allowance which is exactly the same amount of money as you would get with stat mat pay, so dont worry, you wont have no money.

    also u should c ur local citizens advice bureau as im sure they can't do this you as it is discrimination.

    hope you get everything sorted soon xx
  • aww dont get upset, you can always look for another job after you get back on your feet physically. i would follow the ladies advice and go to CAB but just calm yourself first. go home early today and put your feet up buy a big bar of choc and relax. its horrible not knowing whehter your coming or going. bless you xxxx
  • Theyve been so sneaky and ive seen it coming for so long - everyone at work thinks its ridiculos but im not sure where i stand as they said "the contract was only for 1 year and you knew that when you signed up for the job"

    But theyve been hiring new staff (same job as me) and given them longer contracts and have also been advertising new posts (again same job as me) but made me go for an interview and then said i wasnt suitable??

    Ive been doing the job and working my arse off for a year for them.

    Just emailed HR and told them im bringing the start date for my maternity leave forward to the end of june.

    My midwife offered to sign me off sick due to my SPD two weeks ago and like an idiot i refused so that i would make a good impression at work - some good that did!!! image xxxx
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