Anyone doing or done yoga during pregnancy?

Hi, I just wonderedd if anyone has done or is during yoga during their pregnancy ?

There is a 6wk pregnancy yoga class that starts next week and I can get a place on it. That will take me from 16 - 22weeks. It's ??48 and right now every spare penny is being saved towards baby stuff.
I've never done yoga before and don't know what to expect especially while pregnant. But if it's gonna be worth it then I don't mind spending the money. What do you think ?
Cheers, Suz x


  • I would really love to take some yoga classes but I've done some research and there aren't any in my area that speicalise in pregnancy yoga which is what I'd like to do! I've heard practising yoga can help loads during labour, it helps with your breathing and staying calm, and also you body will be more supple! I'd definitely go for it. It will be money well worth spent I'm sure! I'm very jealous! xxxx

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  • No i havent as of yet but as ive finished work now i really want to begine i have rang our local centre and they were really possitive although they said it would have been better to start before i got pregnant lol
    also want to start pilates as apearnlty it builds your inner core strength and stammina lol i'm thinking of the birth!! haha good luck sweet let us know how you get on! x
  • I've done some pregnancy yoga ( It's very relaxing and excellent at stretching you out and keeping supple. I wouldn't really call it exercise as I've never raised my heartbeat or felt a muscle ache afterwards, but it's very pleasant and I do think the strecthes help. Also, the instructor's always giving good advice on our various aches & pains and the other women there are lovely. It's ??80 for 8 sessions which is quite steep but it's been a nice treat for me (less than I'd have spent on red wine!) xx
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