Feeling yuk-and time off work, some advice please!!

Hello all- after a bit of girly advice if possible!!
I went to work as happily as possible this morning-though I woke up with a really, really sore throat!! Any way within two hours I had stomach cramps and felt awful!! So I ended up scarying my very male boss by tearfully asking to go home!

Anyway, I arrived home just in time to deal with a upset stomach which involved me nearly screaming with cramps. Any way I ended up with a emergancy appointment at the midwife and it seems I may have a viral infection. The midwife seemed quite concerned-in fact called me after her shift at the doctors! If I get worse I need to go to the hospital, or the doctors if I'm no better tomorrow. She advised that I need to eat little and get plenty of rest-which brings me finally to my point!! image

I hate being off work and don't want to have trouble off them for doing so. Therefore feel I should try and go in tomorrow- but my hubby says I should rest, can they cause trouble for me?? Midwife wrote in my notes so I can prove I went!! :roll:

Sorry for the rant!! :\(
Just need some advice
Lydia xx



  • DO NOT GO TO WORK TOMORROW!!! You and the baby are the most important things, they will manage without you! There is no way that you should, or legally can, get into trouble for being off sick. Stay at home, put your feet up, watch crap on tv and concentrate on getting better.
    I hope you feel less yucky soon, being ill when you are pregnant is crap!
    Take care,
    Kerry xx
  • Definitely don't go in, you need to rest and feel better again. Your boss can't say anything - and I'm pretty sure that if it is a stomach upset then you're advised not to work for at least 24 more hours even if you feel well (to avoid spreading it). Get well soon xxxx


  • Thank you... Bedhead your shouting made me smile!!

    I don't know what's going on to be honest-I have a history of gastric problems (I think my midwife hates me spine implant and stomach issues!!), I think it's a viral infection thats just kicked everything off! Even sneezing is hurting at the minute.

    I know your all right, sometimes you just need to hear it off someone else to get it straight in your own head!! I just hope they're ok when I go back in!!
  • hey tink
    i hope ur not going into work today!!!
    i hope ur feeling better too - its horrible being ill and pregnant.
    elaine xx


  • Hi Elaine,
    No listen to you all and the demands of my oh and have stayed at home!!
    Just have to deal with daytime tv now!! I'm feeling a little better-cramps have gone-but sneezing like mad!!
    Lydia xx
  • Have a nice relaxing day, hope you are feeling better soon- if the daytime TV doesn't drive you mad!
  • lol - enjoy ur day off - and the daytime tv.
  • hi tink
    im off work today too am 5 weeks nearly and feel awful but i have also caught my dh and sons sickness bug. so i have awful stomach ache. have been up all night. last pg i did have a bit of time off in the beginning of pg as i felt so so ill i couldnt move without being sick. dont worry about it honestly you and baby come first hun xx
  • hi hope you are feeling better soon, althogh crap daytime tv doesnt help!!

    im off again for 2 wks and was off work before, hate being off but i go by what drs and midwife say as they know best.

    hope all goes well.

    becs 24+6 wks
  • Thank you for all the reply's girls!! I'm glad I stayed at home-feeling a little better but day time tv really is driving me mad!!

    I suppose this is what life will be like in 17 weeks (at least for a while!)

    Lydia xx
  • Glad you are feeling better. Cant be much fun having a bug whilst pg! And daytime tv is pretty dire. :evil: xx


  • Hope you get well soon and glad you decided to stay home. Your boss should advise you to stay home anyway since you're so ill.

    My boss was really nice and kept telling me if I got too tired and couldn't hack it I could leave early! Also, when the tube strike was on, I still tried my best to get into work and got in late, but after I had lunch my boss let me go home early. Just in case I got crushed on my way home. image
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