lower back pain in the sacrium area

Hey there,
Does anyone out there have severe lower back pain in the sacrium area?? I have been suffering since I was 3 months prenant and am now 24 weeks and the pain is unbelievable. I am struggling to walk most days and am getting so upset about it. I was such an active person before and now I cant do half of the things I love to do. I have no other friends at the moment who are pregnant and suffering with back pain as early as I have.
I have seen a chiropractor...very dodgy lying on my front at 17wks so decided that wasn't for me.
I have seen the phsiotherapist twice and she gave me exercises to do and sent me home with a support belt that does nothing but cause my baby to kick until I take it off.
I have tried yoga...I was in so much pain I cried half way through
I have a massage once a week on a bump bean bag which is great but releif is so temporary.
I do exercises every day on my exercise ball but it only allows me limited mobility.
Is there any one who has had a more positive reuslt from anything they have tried. PLease please help as I am now considering hiring an electric wheel chair just to go to the shops as I cant even do the food shopping and to get out the house.


  • Hi Hun - sorry no advice but didn't want to read and run, I've been in a lot of pain since 20 weeks but haven't been able to see a physiotherapist yet. I can't find anything that works except for painkillers - I've been prescribed cocodamol but I feel so guilty taking it that I only have it when the pain gets unbearable. I've been getting worse (now 27+4) since it started and can do very little now so I understand and sympathise. Best of luck, xxx
  • Hi Joanna

    Sounds to me like you have SPD like me. Have you seen my post about it?

    I am also in a hell of a lot of distress. I'm now 36 weeks and it gets worse every day. I was also givin exercises and a belt, which have made no difference at all. Try asking for crutches cos they are supposed to help. I'm gonna ask for some on wednesday when i see the consultant.

    My midwife has been very unsympathetic and has just said that when i have the baby the pain will go. I cant give any advice really cos i'm still looking for a way to make the pain easier.

    Sorry i cant be much help, really wish i could cos i know how distressing it is!!

    Heather xxx
  • Hi babe
    I relly know how you feel. I am 35 weeks and finally going to see doctor tomoro. Midwife not very helpfull in this area. I thought mine was due to working but fineshed week ago and has got worse in last few days. I am in pain all the time particuarlly lying inbed and sitting down. The only time iam pain free is inthe bath i have at leat three a day! I am very tearfull this week with the pain as i think im absolutely exhausted i wake every hour with severe cramp like pains down the cheeks of my arse and the backs of my legs. I have support belt but like you my baby goes mental and it presses on my bladder making me want a wee every five minutes instead of ten! I will let you know how i get on at doctors tomoro i just hope i dont make afool of myself and start crying as now im worried abou tgiving birth feel like i might snap! x
  • Thanks hun, any help would be great. I'm going to see an oesteopath in the next couple of weeks to see if that helps. It sounds more like siatica what you have. I dont have the burnign down the bum cheeks or backs of the leg its all in the lower back for me. I totally agree about the bath thing, my husband has to help me in and out but otherwise it is the only thing that helps.
    Let me know how you go and keep in touch. I hope you find some releif and can make it through the labour ok. My midwife has said she will make every effort to guarantee me the birthing pool so I dont have to put strain on my back. Perhaps you could ask your mid wife about your hopsital pool.
    Good luck
  • Hi babethought id give you an update. Went to doctors she was no help just gave me a prescription for paracetamol and sympathised. So i went to see a chiropractor she has been very good so far. Gave me a gel ice pack which i use every hour and a half to reduce swelling. Did various stretches and exercises and i had really good nights sleep only woke once for a wee with no pain in bum or legs!! I feel loads better for just sleeping. My pelvis is apparently twisted as well as my spine andshe advised not to use the support belt at this stage as she prefers to try and manipulate it back in position. I havehad another painfull day today but with lower back ache instead of sciatica like pains. Its so frustrating then i do too much and suffer for it. Try and rest babe but not slouching try and walk for 30 mins and use ice on your back . It does help. keep your chin up, and seek some advice now ileft mine till 35 weeks and i made it worse by ignoring it. The price put me off but i would pay anything now to be free from pain x
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