Weight loss???

I seem to be losing alot of weight lately, im 13 weeks now just wondered if anyone else has had the same thing and is it normal?:\? Any advice would be great thanks x :\)


  • I've definitely lost weight since being pregnant. Overall. obviously I have put on weight due to babies but my back, bum and arms are slimmer. My hubby has noticed and we saw some firends on NYE who we hadn't seen me since I fell pregnant and they said the same. I think for me, the only reason for it is that I can't fit as much food in now. I used to love tucking into a large evening meal 3 courses if we went out but I just can't eat as much in one sitting any more. Luckily. I haven't really had any cravings either so haven't been pigging out xxx

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  • hi Tanya

    were you very sick up till now? that can cause it...

    i found the best way not to feel sick in the first trimester was to keep on eating... so i put on 7lb by 12 weeks, then at 17 weeks had lost most of that again and was pretty much at my pre-pregnancy weight. I've now put it on again though. i think if hte midwife / doc is happy that the baby is OK then don't worry and just keep eating healthily? but talk to your midwife about it for reassurance too.

    aileen xx
  • Ive been like this in both of my pregnancys.
    Im now 31 weeks and still 2lbs lighter than I was at my booking in appointment. I dont know what causes it, but ive had regular checks and baby is growing well and im not ill, so the docs dont seem worried. I was quite sick in the first few weeks, and have lost my appetite a bit, but nothing in excess so I think some bodies just react differently to pregnancy.

    Naomi xx
  • hi there i have lost weight since being pregnant too ...i weigh 5kg less now than at my booking in appt and now there is also loads of baby weight lol but midwife isnt worried as long as im not ill.....too late to worry now anyway since im nearly due!

    lisa 38&5 xxxxxxx
  • hey, i lost over a stone by time i was 14 weeks pregnant, but now ive put that weight back on plus another 1 1/2 stone on top of that image xx


  • Hello

    I am overweight and was worried about putting even more weight on i am 16 weeks now and lost over a stone since being pg - just cant face eating!

    appetite seems to have come back this week - but making healthy choices
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