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Q for those who had early scans

Hi girls,

I have found a place in Essex that does early scans and seeing as I am so damn impatient (:x) I can't wait to have mine! I am thinking of having it done next Thurs when I will be 6+5 or next Sat at 7+0 and am just wondering whether this is a tad early or if anyone else had theirs around this day? I have read really encouraging stats that if a heartbeat can be detected at 7 weeks then your chance of mc falls to 5%. Obviously that would be a huge relief but if I am a couple of days early for a heartbeat then I will worry all the way up to 12 weeks.

What to do? Any thought?



  • I would leave it til 7 weeks if I were you.

    I had an early scan at just under 6 weeks and didnt see much at all, then another at 7+2 and saw the heartbeat xx

  • i had mine done at 8 weeks when i was acctually 8+3, they say you cant always get a HB till after 7 weeks, could you not do one closer to 8 weeks as its a lot to pay to not get any reasureance
  • Hi Kaycee

    I had an early scan (at EPU) at 6+1 and we saw the hb. However, some don't show up until closer to 7 weeks....every woman/baby is different.

    Good luck!

    Love NN 18+5 xxx

  • hey hun - i had early scan at 6.5 weeks and we saw hb. Then we had scan at 9.5 weeks.....and saw so much more (i.e. figure resembled a fetus). xxx
  • It is, isn't it PP? My logic is that I go back to work on 1st Sept (I'm a teacher) and I wanted to be able to go back having taken care of some of my worries. The job is difficult enough and I thought this would (hopefully!) give me some focus for a couple of weeks. Also, my hubby is really struggling to believe this is happening and I don't think he will until he sees something positive on a scan! x
  • We had a few private early scans so be warned they can be addictive!!

    We had one at 6+2 where we saw the heartbeat.
    Another at 8+3 where it looked like a prawn but could see the start of arm and leg buds.
    At 10 weeks, where you can see its an actual baby.
    And at 10+5.

    I would recommend waiting as long as you can possibly bear to to be able to see the most but if the reasurance of a heartbeat is all you want to see then go at 6+5!

    this is the place we went for our scans and will be going back there for 4D, they are really lovely people there and the scan are really clear!

  • We had one at 6+6 and also 7+3 and just saw hb in a bean shape.
    Also had one at 8+6 and could see baby wriggling - although still just looked like a bean really. I'd leave it as late as poss if you can as you will only panic if there is no hb yet but it could just be too early.

    x 36+6
  • p.s. I would advise to definately go somewhere where they offer internal examinations, as this was how we saw a clear hb at 6+2. xx
  • pinknicola - that's the place I was looking at. It's on Canvey, isn't it? I take it you would recommend it (seeing as you keep going back!)?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences girls! x
  • Unless their is a major problem hospitals would not normally scan that early as nothing is detected. I had an early scan at just over 9 weeks and baba was just a monkey nut but with a strong HB. So I would leave it don't have an ultrasound unnecessarily N xx
  • I had two early scans. One at hospital when i thought i was 6+4, but was told i oouldnt have been more than 5-6 weeks max.We didnt really see much, it was an internal which allowed us to see more than when they tried to do it on my tummy. We did see a hb at this one.

    Then we went for another at about 7ish weeks, which was private. Again i was told i wasnt 7 weeks......even tho id used the date id been given from hospital (if this was the case then i cant have been 5-6 weeks at hospital and managaed to see a hb!)
    Anyway, we only had a tummy scan at private and ive got to say it was rubbish. I like you, wanted it to put my mind at rest as id been through a horrible sickness bug and had lost symptoms so was very worried. In my honest opinion (and this is just our experience) it was a complete waste of money, The pics were rubbish, the sonographer was not reasuuring at all. He just kept saying....this is not 7 weeks....not 7 weeks!! (he wasn't english!!) We saw very little and he couldnt find the hb for ages...i had to go back after 30mins which was awful!!

    If i were you and i know this is hard as im impatient too...but i would wait as long as possible. Maybe 7-8 weeks at least. Where are you thinking of going for the scan? Have you researched peoples expereinces there? Maybe you could ask to see if anyone has been there thats on here? They maybe able to tell you what it was like. I wish id done that......i just read the reviews on the private scan website (how biased were they!!)

    I know its hard, but there is a strong possibility if you go early it wont put your mind at rest and could actually make it worse for you xx
  • That's really interesting - thank you era. I will see what else I can find out and I'll *try* to wait a bit longer! x
  • like the other ladies have said i would try and wait as long as poss' ive had early scans on both my pregnancies,first pregnancy i was in a lot of pain so had a scan about 5-6 weeks,you could only see the sac and nothing else so had to wait anouther week and then i could see the hb as well
    my second pregnancy i had a fresh bleed at 7wks and went for a scan,we saw the hb infact we saw 2 hb,i was having twins so were over the moon,on both pregnancies they have been internal and i have to say having the internal you can see the bean or beans :lol: a lot clearer and better

  • Hi KayeCee

    I would highly recommend the place at Canvey, they are brilliant. The day before we went to canvey we went to baby bond ary Chelmsford and they couldnt see the bean at all!!! So I was very worried first time I went to canvey. But they were fab and very reassuring and the scanning equipment they have is so high tech they can get really clear screenings really early on!!

    Let me know what you decide and how you get on!

  • That's fab - thanks nicola! I'll definitely let you know when I've decided how long I can wait! That's good to know - Babybond is more expensive too, isn't it? Cheeky so and so's! x
  • We paid ??90 to have an early internal scan at our local hospital. Luckily I knew exactly how far along I was as I knew when I ovulated. I was 7+1 and OK, the baby was just a funny prawn shape but the point was we saw a heartbeat and the relief we felt was huge, I had a tear rolling down each cheek. We also felt it was safe enough to tell our parents and siblings that we were expecting after seeing a heartbeat. It was the best ??90 we have ever spent in my opinion! I would have found it so hard to wait another 5 weeks for the NHS scan not knowing everything was OK, especially because I had so few symptoms.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  • We had our first scan at exactly 6 weeks (had been experiencing bleeding and cramps). We heard the heart beat and it was such a relief. I was not at all bothered about being able to see anything, but was keen to know the length and was so reassured to hear the heart beat. Go for it hon, leave it as long as you can before you go back to work, but just take the plunge if it's really stressing you out. After 6-7 weeks you are likely to hear the HB but even if you don't they can tell you things about the gestation sac (reassure that it's in the uterus and not anywhere else etc)

    Good luck and best wishes
  • if i can convince DH that i need an early scan i will defnietly use the one in canvey over baby bond now!!! thanks for the advice kaycee and pinkicola!!!!
  • I had one at 8 weeks and although it was really reassuring to see the heartbeat you couldn't see much more than a blob and to be honest if I hadn't had a MC I wouldn't have bothered and if I don't get a free NHS one in future pregnancies I won't have a private one.

    It's a very personal choice though and I know you had some trouble conceiving so it is worth it purely to put your mind at rest if you are feeling very anxious. I would wait as long as you can though, I would say 8 weeks at the earliest or you just might not see anything like your scan today and it is a little bit disheartening. How far along will you be at the next one you have been referred for?
  • Thanks Miss I. I'm still a little confused as to how the dating things works after doc saying I might be a little out today but I calculate (from my LMP) that I will be 8+2. To be honest, I've asnwered my own question from earlier. The early scan has just thrown up more questions than it answers! Ah well, you live and learn xxxx
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