*HELP* maternity swimsuit dilemma!

ok girls my dh is being no help with my dilemma, like he says what does he know about women's sizing. :roll:

Right before i was pregnant i was a size 12 for underwear, tops, dresses etc but occasionally a size 14 for jeans/trousers (to get over my, ahem, curvy butt).

I am looking to get a swimsuit to take my toddler swimming and also to keep fit during pregnancy. (would like it to last throughout).

Getting to my point.....I wear a maternity size 12 for everything including jeans (woo hoo!) but am really struggling on what size of swimsuit to buy. I have a size 14 cheapy one from Primark that i wore after my son was born and i tried it on and it goes on but feels a bit stretched round my ever growing bump.

So i have seen the swimsuit i would like to buy but not sure if i should buy a size 12 or 14......? I am a bust size 34/36C and i don't want it to be too big on the bust

It is a maternity one, here is the link


* sorry to be annoying but had to put the link over 2 lines cos it was going under the link so you'll have to copy and paste it *

Just wondering what everyone elses experiences were with maternity swimwear, did you go up a size for comfort and also if anyone could even recommend any other swimsuits.


ta xxx


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  • I would buy a 12. I am normally a 14 but as I don't put on any weight except on my bump when I am pregnant all of my maternity clothes are a 12. I have two maternity swimming costumes (both 2 pieces) one from last time, one from this time, they are both 12's and fit fine and my bust is a good couple of sizes bigger (36DD last time I was measured)
    Hope that helps
  • hi hun its up 2 u but i didnt wanna spend a fortune on 1 so just bought cheapy tesco ones in big sizes.I'm usually a size 12/14 in tops occasionally as am big on top!i wore a size 16 swimsuit up until bout 30 wks n i have just bought a size 20!!omg,lol!from tesco last week to take my lo swimming in as could no way fit in the size 16 n that fitted fine,only ??5 too,bargain!cnt believe it tho size 20!!hanna 35 weeks xx
  • thanks Bedhead, that is good to know, didn't fancy forking out ??50 for both sizes!!!

    Hmmm, now i'm wondering if i should get a tankini instead?????

    oh decisions, decisions!
  • was totally thinking that hollysmum+bump,

    i don't like spending too much money on maternity wear and with my son i just bought normal sized stretchy tops and maternity trousers, i was looking through the tops the other day and some are a size 18 and i don't remember them being that loose on when i wore them, eek!

    I think i just depressed myself today cos i tried on a regular swimsuit in Asda in a size 14 and just got it over my bump (only 17 weeks) and then couldn't get it up to my boobs never mind over them!!!

    Will probably go to Primark and try a size 16 and see what it is like before i spent ??25 on a maternity one, it is a named brand one aswell but is the only style i have liked so far online, so probably just paying for the name.....!

  • peacocks have some nice cheap maternity ones xxx
  • oh do they, thanks Joanne!

    At least i could try them on instore, i think a trip to the retail park tomorrow is in order!

    You girls are fab, i knew i would get the info i needed from you!

    I can't complain about dh though cos he has just run me a bath, bless him!
  • hehe,my tops that r normal,not maternity 1z r size 18'z!depressing int it!
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