non baby related (kind of) but in a lot of pain!

My wisdom tooth is coming through and it is sooo painful! bit worried about going to the dentist whilst pg as they will probably want to take an x-ray (if they do this with pg women) but also not sure how much can do about it really! feel quite miserable as can't really take an pain relief! xx


  • i had my tooth out when i was 16 weeks pregnant,they wouldent give me a x ray and my normal dentist wouldent take it out,i had to be referd to hospical but i had to wait 3 weeks and was in so so much pain,i couldent eat,sleep or even go out the house, i was prescifed co codamol from my doctor,but my midwife advised agaist it,so i stuck with parcetamols even tho they dident work,eventally i went to a private dentist who took it out by local,needle in my gum! i was terrified lol but feel so muh better now its out!

    i was told by my midwife that i should get my tooth out as soon as coz it would distress the baby and he/she would feel unwanted!

    so i would advise to get it out as soon as! if your dentist wont do it get a referal from your doctor soon as hun, i know how much pain toothace is! love hayley xxxx ps dont let any dentist give you an x ray tho!
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