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Change in movements - should I worry?!

hopefully a stupid question, just looking for reassurance really.
Baby has always been quite active first thing in the morning (so much so that I could count my 10 kicks in the first 20 mins of being awake) and off and on during the day with little kicks, but for the past couple of days, I've not felt much first thing, and only the odd little movement during the day. Last night though he seemed fairly active.
Is he just changing his routine, or could this be an indication that he's in some kind of distress?
30 +4


  • Hey, I've heard that as long as it's 10 kicks a day, your baby's fine.

    You're pretty far gone now so the reason he's moving less could be because there's no space in there! Contact your midwife if you're worried but I'm sure everything is fine. xxx
  • Yeah, I'm totally paranoid. But I can feel him moving around just now, so I guess he's ok.
    my mw told me last week that I'm measuring big, so I guess he really doesn't have much room to move in there, even for 30 weeks.
  • As long as you are feeling 10 movements a day things should be fine. I think it was around that time I felt my movements change from kicks to more squirms & Wriggles.

    Hilary x
  • Hi,
    I'm 31 wks and have noticed that my movements have changed from outright kicks and what feels like the baby somersaulting to squirms and pushes - I think its definately the baby running out of space and wouldn't worry too much. If I watch my bump now I can see it moving which is really strange!

  • i started to panic on sat cos not felt anythin all day, turned out baby had changed sides and was right behind my placenta (its at the front) so now only feel things to the sides. midwife says the ten movements can be all in one go as well.
    hope u feel a bit more reassured,
    holly xx
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