midwife coming to my house


i went to the midwife the other day and she reccomended a home visit from a lady who i dont think is quite a midwife but who comes to your house to answer any questions etc. she phoned me this morning and she is coming in a few weeks.

has anyone else been offered this?



  • In my area with my last pregnancy it was standard that the mw came to ur house. Not so lucky this time round tho and all mw appt are either at ante-natal or community mw. Wudnt worry bout it chuck each area is different. Kerry xxx
  • yeah mw came to my house last pg i think its standard hun x
  • its a midwife support, ie sure start! they just nosey buggers who try n get you to sign up to every god dam class, coffee morning going etc aswell as having a good nose at your home to make sure your not a crack head. this may be great for some people but they were so pushy with my sister she ended up in tears and made her feel inadequate.
  • I had a sure start support person at my midwife appt who tried to get me to sign up to different classes. She was making a note of my address after the hard sell then said that I couldn't come anyway because I have the wrong postcode. What a good way to make a heavily pregnant, hormonal woman feel valued! I was 41 weeks at the time too. She was so busy messing about that the midwife forgot to book my induction.
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