Anyone else have this at 8 wks?

Im 8 wks pg and just wondered if anyone else has had this or should i be worried? Yesterday after being sat still for a while on computer, i got up quickly to answer phone and i had a really strong pain low down on one side, it only lasted a few seconds but has worried me, i also noticed it a few times in earlier weeks. Just wondered if anyone else had similar experience? Oww i hate all this worrying! Roll on 12 weeks! LOL


  • Hi, I too have been having this kind of pain, usually when I change position in bed or like you get up from the pc, I don't think its anything to worry about its probably to do with all the weird and wonderful things going on down there like muscles and ligaments stretching.
    I'm 7 + 5 and have had them on and off for a couple of weeks.
  • hi popy
    im on my fourth and yes like you have been feeling all kinds of week 4 i had such bad pain i thought my af was def going to show but over the weeks its now 8+5 and i never had this on any other preg.whens your scan?xx
  • hi hun i am today having lots of cramps and i am a bit worried but the logical part of me is saying its normal (2nd pg) if i cough or sit up quick sometimes i can feel a pulling quite sharp and i remember these from last pg. xx
  • Hey Poppy28. I had this at the beginning. Its actually what made me test! Every time I got up from sitting I had the pain you describe and as i had not had that as period pains before, I thought 'hmmmm i wonder'....
    Anyway, I then had period type cramps and pain on one side for weeks. I went for early scans as i was so worried.
    Apparantly (as I am learning) its all natural and just all the ligaments and pelvic region loosening up for the huge task ahead. Try to relax, I'm sure it's all fine but if the pain worsens or is constant, ring your EPU just to be sure.
    27+2. xx
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