Is it normal?

Hi ladies

Is it normal to feel like absolute crap the first few weeks of pregnancy?
I am only 4+5 and cant believe how bad i feel.



  • Hi hun, I'm 5 weeks today and feel like death. Am aching all over and keep bursting into tears for no reason.
    I'm pretty sure it's normal this early on, it's a big change we are going through!
  • Hi picknicola

    Well I felt like crap up until 16 weeks!! Felt so tired and sick all the time. I was trying to be happy but it was hard when I felt like absolute crap!!
    Now I feel fine and very happy!!
    Hope you do start to feel good soon

  • hey image its perfectly normal to feel absolutely drained in the first weeks of pregnancy, i felt like it up untill 12 weeks. hopefully it will go away soon for you and you can enjoy being pregnant xx

  • yes its very normal x most people feel really tired and sick
  • yes it is but it will disappear soon

  • hope i dont make you feel worse but I am 27 weeks and feel crap all te time!!!! I just keep telling myself it willl be worth it in the end

    Viki x x
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