At the booking in app does the MW check the heart beat of the baby? Or could she? Is it still too early for her to do that?

K xx


  • Hi hun, no she wont today, i think ususally the first time they try is at your 16 week check, because before this baby is so tiny its really hard to pick up! All she'll do at booking is take all yours and hubbys details, medical history etc, and talk to you about diet etc. Take a wee sample too, as she may want to check it xxx
  • I had mine at 9+5 and she said if she could feel my uterus she would but if she couldnt she wouldnt! She couldn't! x
  • too early. i didnt hear my babys heartbeat till my 2nd midwife appt at 16 weeks. x
  • At my booking in appointment all she did was go through the paperwork with me and give me a list of the specific times in my pregnancy id be doing stuff. She didnt loo at my stomach at all and her impression was a lot can happen before 12 weeks which is when my scan is. The next time i see her is at 16 weeks, im hoping she will get a little more involved then!

    Of course all areas are different. She should be able to answer all your questions though!

    Georgie xx 10+5
  • yeah same with me she told me they dont like to do it before 16 weeks, i begged her though at 14 she said she would try but not to worry if she couldnt fine it as its still early....but she did, straight away!

  • Ahh thanks girls, I know i am being silly. I heard the heart beat and saw it at 9 weeks and 3 days but you can't help but worry. Esp as I have told everybody at work now. At my scan I will be 13 weeks which is mad. Fingers crossed but then I should be over that scary stage.

    K xx
  • I heard Angus's HB at 14+4 and have done at every subsequent appnt!

    Depending on the scanning equipment, you might get to hear it at your scan?

    Joo xxx
  • My booking in app was on Monday and she never checked for heartbeat but I seen it at the scan.

    I remember with my little girl I first heard it at 15 weeks.

  • Hi honey I remember you image hope the pregnancy is going well. Gabe is now 8 months can you believe it!!!!

    Anyway, I had my booking appt at 10+4 so same stage as you, and MW said it is unlikely to hear the hb at this stage, but I was panicked because of bleeding I'd had, so she tried for me, but couldn't find it at all.

    So to be honest I wouldn't even ask as it just panicked me even more even tho everything was fine!

    I heard it at 13 weeks on my doppler though.
  • another thing u cud try to get hold of is a angel sounds fetal doppler u can hear ur baby frm 12 weeks i heard mine frm 13 weeks but the midwife prob wont check till 16 weeks herself its just nice and reasureing if u have 1 but if u do get 1 dont worry if u cant hear anything cos they r still tiny and can be hard to pick up it took me 2 hours to pick up my babys xx
  • At your booking in apt she will just take all your details and give you information sheets etc
    my midwife checked my stomach to make sure evrything appeared to be in the right place but im not sure if thats routine in your area as everywhere is different. She didnt check for the heartbeat though as she said it would worry me more if she couldnt find it xxx
  • The first appointment's a bit boring I thought! A ton of paperwork and a million questions about your family tree! My MW checked for a heartbeat at 12 weeks but did admit that it might still be a bit early to hear it so wasn't promising anything. She did pick up one of the babies and she said 'this one's very lively!!'.

    I have a doppler and listen occasionally - can hear them both now, and can tell the heartbeats apart bless!

    Gem 16+5 non-id twins
  • My appointment was at 11+1 and she checked the heartbeat, I didnt have to ask she just did it and found it pretty quickly too xx
  • I had mine at just under 9 weeks and all it was was blood tests and going thru my notes


  • Hi hun, how did you get on today?xx
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