how do u get them tickers with all ur replys? i keep trying different ones but i cnt do it and gettin realy fed up!! lol please help i think there great!!


  • Hi, there are a few sites but I used this one:


    Click on baby tickers
    Enter your due date in the box at the top
    Then click on 'get my ticker'
    This will take you to a cord blood banking, at the bottom of the page click on the box saying 'Yes I know about cord blood banking, now take me to my ticker'!
    Click on select and copy on the BBCODE as it works best in chat rooms
    Copy and paste the code and save as a word document.
    You will need to paste it on the bottom of each post you make
    Use the post reply NOT quick reply box when you post, otherwise it doesn't work

    Have fun xx


  • thnx

    ill try now ( hope this works or ill look a rite div!!
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