good shopping sites?

hi all

starting to look at buying pram, crib etc soon and just wondering if you know of any good online sites?

i have looked at the mamas and papas, mothercare, pramworld and john lewis ones already.

thanks girlies

xx :\)


  • Hey Id be interested in some sites too. Just found out Im pregnant but want to start building a hopping list with a budget. I know its early on and ob wont start buying till much later but husband and I need a plan to work to so we can save what we need in readiness.
  • Hi, I recommend Babies R Us they often have fab deals on.

    Liz x

  • Thanks LizB. Ill take a look now!
  • Hi,
    kiddicare is a really good one, great prices and very reliable.
    John Lewis do some nice bits, quite similar to Mothercare but they do free p+p!!!
    Like LizB says babies r us are very good.

    Congratulations and good luck ladies,
    Your babies will be here before you know it!

    32 + 4 weeks xx
  • try netmums its a nearly new site so if ou didnt wanna buy everything new or cant afford too its a local website to where you live sonot far to travel to pick up.
  • ( I saved ??80 on my pushchair on standard prices). (I saved ??40 on my car seat and base) and that wasn't with all the sales that are on at the mo. (for practically everything else! I looked in the shops to decide what I want and then see if it's on eBay first. I kitted out the entire nursery decoration for next to nothing with all brand new stuff).

    Also, for anyone doing online shopping register with Greasy Palm - when you click a link through them to another website (Kiddicare for example) they give you cashback on anything you spend. It's effectively money for free and when I ordered anything on line I went through Greasy Palm and ended up with about ??80 sent to me by cheque!

    Happy shopping!
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