all day sickness and dizziness

hi i'm looking for some advice. I am approx 10weeks preganant, I'm waiting on scan to confirm dates but anyway thse last 4 or 5 weeks i've been a bit sicky and dizzy but mostly if i've been standing around or that anyway these last 4 days have been terrible I've felt constantly sick and even feel dizzy in my bed i am so tired but i can't sleep i feel that rough. I am making a big effort to eat and drink plenty but its hard though i do feel slightly better when i do. What can i do about this i need to manage to go to work and look after my 6 year old and other responsibilities and i feel i'm being darmatic over something that is probably perfectly normal but i really don't feel well. My husband is worried and wants me to get checked by the dr but i haven't cause i don't think they will do much anyway.

any advice appreciated


  • if i were you i would go doctors or see your mw to get you blood pressure checked if its to high or low it can make you dizzy! just for piece of mind they won't mind cos thats what they are there for!!xx hope it improves soon!xxx
    carly xx
  • i think i will tomorrow as i personally think my blood presure has probably dropped but then they can't do anything for that anyway can they?
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