How to get a review for the hospital you have picked?

I had quite a bad birth last time around, So this time I have made the choice to pick another hospital I have a choice of two, one is quite hard for me to get to.. but anyone I've spoken to has given great feed back, and the other which is closer and more familar to me & last time I was up to the hospital weekly almost - so thinking of the entire pregnancy as well as the birth.. I picked the later..

Now I am wondering if I picked the right one as i've heard no feed back about it really good bad or indiffrent!

I don't mean govermental reports - more from women who have used the hospital and there experiance...

does anyone know where I could look at something like this - like is there a web site or something and you just put in your area?

Thanks Girls! x


  • Hi
    You can go on to the nhs website. (I know this is their website but it is very honest, it really slated my local hospital) Then go to 'find sevices' click 'maternity' and then put your postcode in. You can then click up to 5 different hospitals to compare there performance against each other. I use this to transfer hospitals and found it really useful and honest!!!
    On the home page for nhs there is also a section called 'share your hospital feedback' so another Mum ma have put info about your hospital.
    Hope this helps.

    Viki x x

  • Hi Woozle! Thanks for this info I just checked out my hospital and it scored quite well! Yay!

    If anyone is interested - here is the link.
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