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Hi Girlies,
I was just wondering who is having a summer baby? From my 12week scan I have been given a date of 2nd July and was wondering out all us all who might have their babies at the same time. I think that would be really good if some mums on here were to give birth on the same day. So are there any late june/early july babies on here? Kerry xxx


  • my dates are the 20-27th june lol scan says 20th midwife say 27th hahahaah i'll go with scan thanks!
  • Yeah midwife told me 30th june and scan said 2nd july, which wasnt loads out but still abit disapointing to hear its later than thought. Oh well these babies will come wen there gud and ready. With my first my initial date from a/f was 3rd aug, then scan took it to 7th aug and he wasn't born til the 17th aug, lil bugga. Kerry xxx

  • Hi i thought mine was the 8th july but after having m scan its the 25th july, so if its not to late i will have one in july,august and september.
    vikki xx
  • My due date is 1st July by my dates and the scan said the 30th June so looks like I'm pretty close to you Kerry!! Both my girls were 8 days late by the scan dates tho so I'm not holding out much hope! I think it will be more like the 7th or 8th July. If I tell myself that then I won't be dissapointed when I go overdue again!! Have you posted in the 'due in July forum' hun? Sarah, 16 wks x x x
  • 7th of august. ooooo birthday parties will be so easy! our poor kid will be having a bbq and bouncy castle every year!!!
  • 20th June too!!! Midwife said June is going to be a busy month - hope that doesn't mean I won't get the care I need when it come to the delivery!!
  • Hi my due date is 27th June, my birthday! Am glad i'm havin a summer baby, i love havin my birthday in june!

  • Hi mine is 5 July. Summer baby will be great, hopefully we get good weather this year.
  • Hi All, I am due on the 14th June! This is my first baby, OH already has a daughter who will be 15 just after the baby arrives! We actually tried our best to plan the pregnancy so that I wouldn't be pregnant over the summer!
  • lol oo00oo 2 due the same time as me woohoo lol hello yummy mummy and Lizzy i loved having my brithday then too as it meant that summer was almost here and school holidays were close hehee
  • Yay! Lots of summer babies, just glad its the beginning(ish) of summer tho coz wen u start to get to august been heavily pregnant isn't much fun, especially if u go over like I did. We have to make sure we all keep track nearer the time to see if any of us double up with these june/july babies. Kerry xxx
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