What Baby supplies do we need?

I know this has been done before but I have wrote a list of what things I think I need for my baby. Can anybody think of anything I have missed off. I had my first baby 9 weeks early so I plan on being organised this time round incase.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreicated.

10 Baby Grows
12 Vests,
Outdoor Wear - a thick all-in-one or coat
Cardigan x 2
Cotton Hat,
Scratch Mitts.
Moses Basket
Crib (and mattress),
Crib Bedding and Blankets
Cot and mattress with a waterproof mattress liner
Cellular Blankets x2
Sheets- fitted and flat x 3 of each
Cot Bumper and Quilt
Nursery Furnishings- Curtains, Nappy Stacker, Lamp Shades Fleece, Cot tidy etc
Baby Bouncer Chair
Cot Mobile
Changing Mat or Changing Unit,
Nappies (newborn size)
Nappy bags,
Cotton Wool or Wipes
Nappy rash cream.
Changing Bag
Baby Box for nappy and accessory storage
Baby Bath,
Soft Sponge,
Towels with a hood
Baby Bubble Bath
Baby Shampoo
Baby Moisturizer
Blunt Edged Scissors
Muslin Cloths,
Bottles (x 8 minimum)
2 Small Bottles (for water)
Bottle Brush,
Rear-Facing Car Seat,
a Raincover
Pram blanket or fleece
Baby Carrying Sling
Baby Monitor with a room thermometer

Thank you x


  • cot/ cotbed
    pram/pushchair/travel system
    car seat
    moses basket/ carrycot

    baby monitors
    baby bath
    changing mat
    changing bag

    baby grows (at least 6 newborn and 0-3)
    vests (at least 10 newborn and 0-3)
    sleep bags/ gro bags
    hooded towells
    muslin squares

    baby wipes
    talcum powder
    cotton wool
    baby lotion/ oil
    shampoo/ cradle cap wash
    sudocrem/ zinc castor oil
    formula milk?
    room thermometer

    maternity pads
    breast pads
    disposable knickers
    dark towells

    obviously this is what we feel we need, and there maybe things on there that don't apply to u, or stuff we haven't got that u think u'll need.

    depending on when u are due do u need a thick outdoor coat? also if ur buying a crib u may find it a waste to get a moses basket too as they are only in these for about 6 weeks, unless that is u want crib upstairs and moses basket downstairs

    also i see u have cot bumper on ur list, u might want to check out health and safety advice on this as there differing opinions as to whether they are safe or not. the desicion is entirly urs but just want to make sure it is an informed one


    hope this helps

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  • I don't have anything to add, just a question. When you say at least 6 babygrows and 10 vests - in sizes newborn and 0-3, do you need this quantity of each or in total? i.e. would you need 20 vests and 12 babygrows initially? Sorry if it sounds stupid, and I'm sure i'll have more than I need anyway and probably be given loads!!
  • moomin that would be at least that many of each size, problem with baby sizes is that all shops newborn comes up different, ie, asda first size is up to 9lb, but tesco newborn is 11lb, and mothercare newborn is 10lb and yet asda 0-3 is up to 12lb, so only 1lb bigger than the tesco newborn. so very confusing.

    and the other thing i wld suggest is to get some sleepsuits that actually have the feet (saves losing endless amounts of tiny socks) in as i have recently noticed that alot sleepsuits around atm are footless, but again if ur baby is slightly longer in the leg then the footless ones wld be handy. the mind boggles lol.

    i agree with doushka ans SB that quilts aren't to be used til 1yr old so defo no rush for those and and again as SB said toiletries aren't actually 'needed' as such, cotton wool and water is much better for their delicate skin, but is personal preference and i already have some in ready for when he's atleast a month old as i have an allergy to lanolin so have started getting them now purely so that when i do need them i'm not having to trapse round trying to find ones that are lanolin free.

    ooh blimey i have rambled on lol

  • Crikey your list is about 20 times longer than mine !

    My DH and I have decided to just get basics first (enough to last a couple of weeks) and then stock up more afterwards once we know what size clothes and nappies etc she'll need.

    Our list is something like

    Moses basket
    Bath support (saves space on storing a baby bath)
    Hooded towels
    Bottles, steriliser etc
    Breast pump
    10 sleepsuits and vests in varying sizes
    2 cardigans
    2 hats
    Socks/Scratch Mitts
    Nappy cream
    Cotton Wool
    Bouncy chair
    Nursing Cushion
    Changing bags (have got two one to be kept in house and one that we can take out and about)
    Moses basket sheets
    Baby bed blanket or fleece
    A soft toy

    I'm sure i'll have forgotten something but thats what DH is for - he can rush out and get it if necessary ! :lol:
  • Am liking MrsWeir's list :\)

    Newborns don't really need shampoo, soap, etc as they don't really get dirty.

    Scratch mits don't always stay on & we were forever losing them - socks were much better (because of the length they didn't just slip off like the mits).

    Stuff we had that we found unnecessary & never got used - baby bath (took up too much space, heavy to carry & only place we had space to use it was in our bath :lol: ), changing station (no room downstairs for it, took up valuable space upstairs plus it was a lot of faff going upstairs for every nappy change), cot tidy, nappy stacker, etc (looked pretty & made baby's room look nice but was better to have a good bookcase/shelf unit to store everything on then as they grew they could use it for books, etc), cot bumper & quilt (for reasons already mentiond by others).

    Don't forget stuff like breast pads (even if you're not going to try breast feeding you'll still have milk & milky leaks initially), maternity san pro. Olive oil (the extra virgin/cold pressed stuff) is a fantastic moisturiser for babies - completely natural (so not harmful if they get any in their mouth) & it has another added use - rub into baby's clean nappy area at every change & it helps stop meconium sticking, so making it easier & quicker to clean off image

  • Thank you all so much for your advice. Its so hard to know what is needed it was 9 years ago when I had my first baby so I cannot remember back then.

    We have been given the baby changing unit and cot frame by a family member or I would have not got the unit I would have bought just a mat.

    I have decided to get a moses basket and crib because I need something to put the baby in down stairs as the crib is big and I could never carry it up and down the stairs every day.

    I intend to breast feed but I want to express so my Hubby can do a few feeds so I have got bottles on the list for this reason and incase the breast feeding doesnt work out.

    I have bought cellular blankets for moses basket and crib but only 1 for each I better get some more.

    I didnt think about getting bigger size vests or suits I dont think my baby will be that big but I best get a couple just incase.

    Are you not allowed to use baby wipes? Do you just get cotton wool balls?

    It just shows how much changes in 9 years.

    Hope you are all well thank you for all your fantastic advice.

    Thanks Sb for the changing bag idea its a good idea instead of having a baby box

    Are baby nail clippers better that scissors?


  • hi
    re the baby wipes, its not that u can't use them as that is ur decision but as they do contain chemicals they can iritate delicate skin, and nothing is gentler on skin than pure water which is why they now recommend that when babies are first very young that u just use cotton wool and tepid water as this shldn't cause any allergic reaction or dry baby's skin out at all.

  • That makes sense. Think I will just use cotton wool then maybe try baby wipes gradually as baby gets a little bit older.
  • you dnt need it all to be honest!if u are having a moses basket then u dnt need a crib.I wouldnt bother with a baby bath i just got a newborn bath seat for in our normal bath.Id wait until after baby is born for buying breast pump too as not everyone can express easily also its not reccommended u try bottle until bf is established.There is so much thats just a waste of money but i dnt think u learn till u have a baby!
  • I had a top and tail bowl wih my son and it was a waste of money I ended up using a tupperware bowl to. I just dont know what to do about a bath. I used it with my son but then my bathroom was on an extension and was freezing are the bath seats better? Im just thinking about leaning over the bath.
  • Just to weigh in on the bumper discussion because it came up at our antenatal class last night. We have a crib that is slatted all the way around. I was concerned that, if we don't use a crib bumper but do follow the advice of putting the baby foot-to-foot in the crib, it would get its feet entangled in the slats, so I made sure to ask the midwife about it. She said that we could use a towel wrapped into a sausage and then placed in a curve around the baby's feet, but that if the bumper doesn't go all the way around the crib, it should be okay. Our bumper will actually fold over so that it only covers the foot of the crib which is how we will use it at night, so they may not entirely be a waste of money, although clearly the towel option is much cheaper.

    Am now off to panic-buy bedding as I clearly don't have nearly enough! :lol:

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  • hi, we have just one of those flannellette bath seats, takes up hardly anyroom and can use in normal bath or sink lol, also the cover comes off so we can stick it in the wash.


  • I have been given a plastic bath seat - which has suckers on the bottom to keep it steady. I plan to "sucker" this to the wall when not in use to keep it out of the way!

    The main advantage to bath seats is that it means you can keep both hands free, as you don't need to hold the baby. This makes washing/playing a lot easier - and is much nicer to your back.
  • I think I might go and get myself a bath seat they sound like a much better idea than a baby bath and easier to store. Will have a look on the internet.

    Thank you for your advise ladies this site is so fantastic for stuff like this x
  • mine was ??4.50ish from tesco, they also do the plastic bath ones for about ??6 and the foam bath sponge things for just under a fiver xx
  • Found it in case anyone is interested!

    Georgie xx
  • thanks for bumping it up image xx
  • Hiya ladies im crashing here when I had faith 15 months ago I bought alot of baby grows and vests from asda, because they were cheap and washed well, but I found when faith was born the newborn and 0-3 were absolutely huge. I had to dress her in these until i got her tiny baby size and faith is and was quite long, just a word of advice dont buy too many newborn or 0-3 as your lo may not fit in these straight away...oh and faith was full term
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