Is it true?

Hi every1 just found out im 4 wks pregnant rougthly. Iv not had much symptoms apart frm cramping the last 8 days lots cm. My friend told me that its not normal to not have any symptoms now im really worrid as iv already had mmc bk in july07 and when i said to her il ask for early scan to make sure everythng ok she said that a scan can cause mc now im scared


  • bloody hell ur mate is scaring the crap out of u !!!!
    i didnt have any symptoms until about 10 weeks when i started to throw up now im 23+5 and i dont have any symptoms anymore apart from spd in the afternoons and evenings i have never ever heard of a scan causing mc NEVER i would ask if ur not offered that is an early scan because of ur history i would imagine u will be mad worried until ur 12 week scan so an early scan would put ur mind at rest, try not to worry relax take it easy enjoy!!!!!!!

    have a good pg

    vic xx
  • Aww thanks hun its so worrying and my mate dnt make it any beta x
  • sounds like it, its the opposite for me im the one worring like mad and everyone around me telling me im being an idiot lol
  • sorry crystal but ur friend is talking complete rubbish!! i know loads of women that had NO symptoms throughout there whole pregnancy!! no sickness no sore boobs nothing! it is completely normal to have every symptom going or none at all!! in the weeks of the first trimester!! i have felt great and i'm 9 weeks no sickness nothing, i felt tired at beginning and my boobs feel bit bruised but thats it. oh and lots of cm. u should trust ur body to let u know if something is wrong ( i know this is not always the case) take it as a good sign that u feel fine. have an early scan if it will make u feel better xx

  • Thanks i really would like a early scan as the mmc i had in july was my second and have no children and wud love a baby. X x
  • Oh thanks ladies thats pt my mind at ease. Wow princessjane 9 wks already when u got 1st scan u sn midwife yet? X im due end sep or 1st october x
  • hey crystal i have midwife appointment on 4th feb and not got scan date through yet!! wil be when i am between 12-14 weeks. i am going on me being 9 weeks now going on last af what doc said but i could be less as 7 so who knows but until i have scan i am going on 9 weeks!! wil be 10 on friday due 23rd august so far!! but have also been staying in sept forum too just incase!! xxx
  • Hey crystaljane, you will probably find that if you go to the doctors, they will organise a scan because of your history. And tell your friend to read up on her facts before she goes scaring you anymore. Scans are invasive and cause no risk at all. xx
  • when i fell pregnant i had no syptoms at all throughout and you could onli notice my baby bump from i was about 7 months gone (i was reali tiny) i didn need maternity clothes at all and my little boy who is 7 weeks now weighed 7lb 11oz and is perfectly healthy so i wud try not to worry!! xx
  • hiya crystal24
    I never had any real symptoms iwas pg til near the end, such as backache etc and wanting to wee becos baby sitting on bladder. your friend was being a bit mean scaring you like that, is she ttc? Plus i do remember some scares about scans causing mc but i think that was never really researched and was a myth.
    Good luck and sticky babydust. Filo x
  • Thank you ladies just been so worrid as i had no symptoms with the last that ended in mmc. Gud luck princessjane bet u luking forward to scan. Haya filobabe my friend as 7 mnth old and nt yet weand her baby on food yet shes still on milk
  • hun please dont worry yourself,
    i know how you feel cause i had a mmc and it worries you so much when you get pregnant again, i didnt get any symptoms with my pregnancy with 1st born for about 6-8 weeks, im sure you will start to get some sort of symptoms soon hun.
    if you are worried mabie ask your doctor if you could have a scan abit earlyer then 12 weeks to put your mind at rest hun.

    good luck in your pregnancy hun x
  • hey crystal dont worry, u should only worry if u have either heavy bleeding or if u have been having symptoms and then they suddenly go. but even then that doesn't mean u r going to lose the baby. i'm pretty sure u r fine, i worry all the time, but am trying not to now, i know i will relax more after the scan! xx
  • just wanted to say congrats crystal. you sound like you have been given some good advice and you dont need me to repeat it, but they are right about your mate.

    anyways congrats babe, sarah 15+6 xxx
  • Tks gals so much i keep trying pretend to myself im nt pgnant so i dnt worry silly or what. X
  • Hi

    I started getting cramps on the day my period ws due but my period didnt come. Because of the cramping l didnt think l ws pregnant so l waited a wk b4 l went to my doc n she took a test lm now 12 wks & 1 day pregnant got my 1st scan on Mon there and everythings fine. Try n not worry about the cramps they do go away its just the your uterus expanding for the baby lve been told xx
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