Can anyone who has SPD tell me how it started and the symptoms they had/have?


  • Hi , I also feel I may be getting this , everytime I turn over in bed it hurts , when I get out of the car , climb the stairs etc but can't quite put my finger on the pain . I swopped my heeled court shoes (for work) to flats this week and seems to of eased a little but very painful in bed. I have been docs last week who said ' you are carrying a baby - you must expect this pain !' very unsymapthetic ! A friend had it and told me thats what it might be so I will see midwife Friday and discuss with her. Not too worried as yet as it isn't getting any worse if that makes sense ?

    Hope u r ok x

  • What a wonderful doc you have!!! ;\) It's not what you what you need when you feel so uncomfrotable all the ime. A little bit of empathy wouldn't go a miss! Let me know how you get on with the MW as you sound just like me, I struggle moving in bed, getting in and out of bed and also the car. Good idea about swapping the heels for flats at work, I need to do that but have to go buy some first!

    Hope you feel a bit easier soon x
  • I go to yoga and the teacher there said alot of docs are unaware of spd and even my MIL said ' in my day , we just got on with it !! ' ... wouldn't you know it !!

    I will keep you posted on what MW says but from what I have read , there really isn't much you can do apart from -
    getting out the car - put both legs out at the same time
    stairs - do one leg at a time (takes forever but less pain)
    bed - sleep with pillow between legs ?

    hope this helps and i'll keep u posted !

    Nic 27wks
  • Hi hon,
    I've had SPD for about 6 weeks. It started with a pulling pain at the top of my pubic bone. It has progressed from that and I now have a tugging, heavy dragging pain from top of pubic bone to just under belly button. I have a dull ache in between my legs and it feels like someone has booted me there and I crunch and crack around my pelvis during the night when I move or try to get out of bed. Things that make it worse are walking, standing - any weight bearing activities, trying to move in bed and anything which involves pulling legs apart like trying to get out of the car or even driving the car and changing gears (as I found out today!).
    I remember Saint Bertie put a thing on here a while ago recommending silk pyjamas to help with turning over in bed and a plastic bag under your bum in the car to help with turning to get out of the car seat with legs together.
    I'm off to physio again next week and will probably be given some crutches as it's getting to the point where I can't leave the house as the pain becomes unbearable (sp?).
    My MW was the person who referred me to physio as she thought that I had SPD and they confirmed it. Luckily I have a very good MW who recognised the signs and symptoms.
    take care & hope you get some help hon!
  • hi, iv had spd since early pregnancy and trust me it gets worse. only thing is my MW diagnosed me with it and didnt even give me any advice on what it wa or what to do to help with the pain!
    she said she was going to book me for phsyio, this was like 3 months ago and iv heard nothing since!!
    the doc at hospital checked me over and said im lucky it isnt severe, but yet its that bad iv calapsed many times due to the extent of pain im in!!
    And yes it realy hurts turning in bed!! so make sure you get the support needed hun before it gets worse xx
  • Thanks everyone, I will call my MW tomorrow to see what she can do!
  • Hi

    Warning; If some helpful person suggests swiming - don't do it; it feels fine when you are in the water but i was literally paralysed on the pool edge when trying to get out - they had to get a wheelchair and move me to changing room very undignified!

    I was also given maternity belt by the physio but i'm sure this made things worse not better!

    good luck and remember there are some pain killers that are safe in pg and its worth it to get some sleep occaisionally!
  • hi hun, my midwife thinks i have spd, i saw her last tuesday and she made me a physio appointment for tomorrow (i have a fab midwife). Walking and standing hurt but i find the worst pain is when i'm in bed on a night which i find strange i'd have thought it'd be worst during the day. If i need to go to the toilet during the night i'm often in tears just trying to get out of bed and turning over is so painful, i can often hear my bones clicking as i move in bed, i'm only sleeping for a couple of hours a night and can't wait to finish work in two weeks. I'm really struggling at work as i work on a busy ward and often spend all of my 12 hour shift on my feet and am in agony at the end of the day. I've had bad hip and lower back pain since before christmas but it's just getting worst and spreading around to the front of my pelvis, saw my gp before xmas and he said it's just because i'm pregnant but as i said luckily i have a fab midwife who's determined to get something done before it gets worst. If your mw won't do anything keep pushing to get something sorted
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