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Bounty packs - ASDA or BOOTS?

Hi ladies

Where is best to get my Bounty pack from? Are they any different?




  • I got mine in Boots and they were sitting behind the counter ready to be lifted. I didnt try Asda as didn't think there was any point.
  • Is it any good? What sort of things are in it?

  • I got mine in Asda, they had a big stack of them behind the Customer Service desk. You are better off getting it in Asda cos you also get a ??5 voucher to spend on baby stuff in Asda/George, I used mine to get a really cute dinosaur suit for my LO! It's mostly advertising leaflets but you also get some freebees, I think I got a small tub of Sudocrem, trial size pack of wipes and some fabric conditioner as well as money off coupons. Worth having as it's free!!

    Corinna x
  • The packs are the same apart from one thing, if you get it from asda you get a ??5 of voucher for if you spend ??15 or more on baby george,
  • I must have a bonus pack as well as I got all the vouchers as well. I got the huggies starter pack etc and I got mine in Boots.
  • i got mine from asda yesterday and it wasnt as good as it was last time around, i got some leaflets and a free pampers nappy and the asda vouchers, last time when i had tegan i got all sorts of exciting things.

    you get the voucher from your midwife at your booking in appointment x
  • i got my bounty back frm llyods pharmacy bt it hardly ad anyfin in it
  • i got swindled. got ine from asda never got the huggies voucher or even the ??5 off clothes voucher either. Told the lady and she gave me some different baby ones for wipes etc instead.
    The emmas diary one was rubbish, and only had about 4 things in it plus leaflets etc most of which are useless til after birth.
    Filo x
  • I got mine from the Hospital no much in it some washing tablets, a nappy, wipes and tiny sudocream the rest was just advertising flyers etc.
  • I got mine in Asda but i think theyre the same in Boots too. I was abit disappointed i must admit but the small tub of sudocream and wipes will come in handy for hospital bag and you get 1 Pampers nappy which is really cute. Oh and the Fairy washing tablets which im sure il use. Some money off vouchers too. I just got mine as wanted to wait til id had scan and everything was ok.

    Anna 15+5
  • Does anyone know if you still get the £5 voucher if you pick up your 'Family Pack' from Asda? Thanks X

  • Obviously this is a very old thread but I picked mine up & got a free little teddy comforter (& I think something else). That was 3 months ago. No free voucher

  • Just realised I didn't post where I'd got the extra stuff. That was from Asda, I believe that they're the only ones to put extra in the bags

  • Thanks, I'll try there then! X

  • Yes, i got the teddy comforter and some scratch mitts!  You could also pick up free vitamins from the pharmacy in Asda if you are pregnant, not so long ago. its worth checking with them to see if the offer is still valid. x

  • OK, good tip to check first! X

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