Can anyone recommend a doppler?


  • Hiya girls,looking to buy one but dont want to spend too much on it. Do you have one? And how good is it? Which would you recommend? x
  • i have got the angelsounds one bought it off ebay for 25 pound i was brand new in box never been used. it is really good and heartbeat can be heard from 12 weeks xx
  • I have an angelsounds one too, the only problem I had was I didn't find the heartbeat until about 17 weeks but I know that everyone is different image I really like using it now and can sit there for ages listening to the hb and bubby moving about. I paid ??35 for mine.

  • Hiya, bought an angel sounds one from ebay and heard the baby at 12 weeks. It was 2nd hand and costed ??10. Obviously if you buy 2nd hand give it a good clean with antibacterial wipes before using it.

    Angelsounds is quite a good one. And good price.
  • have you girls found with the anglesounds you can hear movements but not always heartbeat? i can only pick up a faint heartbeat but hear movements really clear xx
  • yes - you can hear very clear movements and wooshing and loud thumps when the baby moves. It all depends on whereabout the baby is facing.

    If one minute I hear the heartbeat really clearly - keeping the doppler in the same place the baby might turn away from it so the heartbeat becomes faint.
  • Sometimes I can't find the heartbeat at all and only hear movements, this is only due to baby's poisitioning and then baby will shift and I can find the heartbeat all of a sudden image

  • I borrowed a MAS Babywatcher (it was from ebay apparently) and it's brilliant. I didn't start using it until 20 weeks (I had another one before that but it was a bit crap) but the girl I borrowed it off heard it from week 7! xxx
  • hi i have angel sounds too, got it from ebay used for ??20..its great and i have always been able to find a heartbeat from 12 weeks, and you can also hear other sounds like movements and the whoosing of the umbilical cord.just remeber to use plenty of gel and at first (12wks) the heartbeat will be really really lower than youd expect (just above pubic bone) and is 2times faster than your heartbeat, hope that helps x (was described on my instructions as galloping horses!!)

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