When did ur baby start kicking???

Hi all lm 16 wks with my 1st baby and desperate to feel my baby kick. When did u start feeling your lo kick?xx



  • I think I was 16 weeks - but that's quite early for a 1st pregnancy and I had to feel the same thing for a few days before I was sure it was the baby! You'll certainly feel it in the next month or so, but the wait is so hard isn't it?! Crazy watching how active they are in the 12wk scan but not being able to feel a thing!
  • hi,
    with my first it was about 20/21 weeks, but had butterflys quite a lo around 18 weeks. My second was about 17 weeks but knew what to expect this time. This time around was about 16/17 weeks, but all he does now is kick! I am 36+2 and his kicks are more intense, and you can sometimes see his feet or hands. It is a waiting game, but its well worth the wait. Enjoy it will they are mild.

    Elle ximage
  • Hi, With my first child i felt her move quite early and had butterfly sensations around 13 weeks then first kicks as such were around 15 weeks which i was told was very early for a first baby im 30weeks today with my second and i felt this baby kick around 16weeks it was agonising waiting for the first ones they r so special u feel alot more bonded once they move but i must say make the most of the less uniterupted sleep as now im 30weeks baby keeps waking me up with very strong kicks in the bladder that are not so pleasant haha (still a woderful experience though). x
  • with my first baby i felt flutters at 16 weeks and felt kicks at 18 weeks,
    this time i felt flutters at 14 weeks but didnt really feel alot of kicks till 19weeks.


  • At around 21 weeks I felt my first movement. Prior to that I had felt butterfly sensations. It wasnt until I felt my first few kicks did I realise the previoues feelings was the baby and not just my stomach making noises! Does that make sense?! The first proper punch/kick i felt with my hand on my stomach was on the 1st of feb! I am 25 weeks now and love it although it does still seem wierd having something inside me kick me! Why is it, that whenever I want an early night, my lo starts to be very active?! xxx
  • Hi,

    I felt movement around 20 weeks but didn't really feel any strong movements or kicks until 24 weeks onwards because my placenta is to the front. Most of the books say though that with your first you won't feel movement until between 18-20 weeks.
    I hope this helps,
    Lauren (34weeks) xox
  • I felt kicks at about 21 weeks but lots of bubbly and butterfly feelings before that. Around 16 weeks or so. I heard first pregnancies they do come a little late. How annoying. But now she is keeping me awake at night. Well till after three this morning and then woke before me at 8 this morning.

    And then wouldn't leave me alone till I got up for work.

    *sigh* I guess I better get used to it
  • I didn't really feel butterflies or anything...just kicks and wriggles, and I felt it for the first time at 19 weeks. xxx
  • Hi, i felt my baby at 14 weeks.
    This is my second baby, i felt my son at about 18 weeks. It's alot easier to feel your second because you know what your looking for. You have probably alreay felt your baby but put it down to tummy rumbles, i know i did first time round!
  • hi i started to get butterflys around 17weks with my first but then last week at 20 weeks i felt my first very faint kick. i know it was more than just butterflys as i could feel where the kick was happening!
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