Evil heartburn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have really disgusting evil heartburn that is leaving me in agony i can feel it creeping up my throat!! I have a sore throat that feels red raw can the heartburn do this or is it more likely to be a throat infection? i am taking rennie what do you ladies all take for this ? any help much appreciated xxx


  • aww poor u have u tryed a glass of ice cold milk? or gaviscon is quite gud aswell xx
  • oooo i just ad a brain wave go to ur gps and ask 4 sum ranitidine great stuff i swear by it and no the brain wave didnt hurt either lol make the most of it thow it dont happen very often me gettin brain waves xx
  • gavison is yucky, I concur but helpful nonetheless

    I've found a zantac before food is helpful and has added goodness because you don't have to chew it.

    very small portions of food, try cut out grease and sugar and brown bread id good because it absorbs excess fluid!

    Also sitting upright for an hour after food.
  • Thanks ladies have been to the gp and she said i have a throat infection but that the heartburn is prob making it feel worse! she gave me a massive bottle of gaviscon peppermint flavour, she made vague remarks about getting it in aniseed flavour???? which one do you recommend?? xx
  • rennie worked well enough for me in my last pregnancy but I have read somewhere that papaya (spl) is a very good natural remedy
  • Aniseed is defo the way. i cant stand the peppermint as it tastes like chalk lol

    i agree with the glass of milk its great.

  • no the doctor said i have enlarged glands etc etc but no antibiotics just have to put up with it never mind only 6 more weeks to go. i will try the peppermint one for now and the milk thanks everyone xxx
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