Sleeping during pregnancy

I am looking for some advice as a first timer. I have not had a particularly great pregnancy to date and only just hitting the half way mark. I am really battling with sleeping - I pass out when getting into bed but then am awake between 3 & 4am every morning and this is affecting work. Also have been sleeping on my side with several pillow but am getting severe pains in my hips from this. Any advice???


  • hi, i find it uncomfortable sleeping on my side also... so when i was with my midwife last week i asked her why i shouldnt sleep on my back, she said that it was nonsense, how can u know that u are lying on your back while you are sleeping! she told me there is no reason why you shouldnt so from then on ive been sleeping on my back,and sleeping brilliant!! good luck hope this helps u!!
  • Hi
    Im also having trouble sleepin like you im out like a light as soon as get to bed but once i wake thats it i cant get back to sleep. Ive been getting up at 3-4am for a couple of hours then getting a nap in afternoon as im off work at the mo!
    I cant sleep on my back as it makes me feel sick and dizzy now but if i sleep on side after an hour my hips and legs hurt!!!:x
  • Hi... afraid sleeping or lack of it seems to be the norm in pregnancy... and about 3am seems to be the norm time to wake up..... I usually have about 3 pillows but I've found it more comfortable to sleep with only the one - it seemed to help with back and hip pain. I also make sure that as soon as I wake up I go to the loo (whether I feel I need to or not) and have a small glass of milk - this seems to help me settle back down quickly.

    I was told by my mw and physio (along with a preg book) that as you get larger (after 16wks) you shouldn't sleep on your back unless you are well propped up because as you lie on your back it places your uterus on top of important blood vessels - this can decrease the blood flow to your baby and parts of your body.

    Sorry this isn't a great deal of help but I just thought I should let you know that you're not alone!

    Good luck x
  • i'm 7weeks and also sleep horrendously yep i wake up at 3ish and seem to struggle off to sleep after then, funnily enough the last 2 nights my OH has woken up b4 me and woken me up asking the time image meaning that i wake up earlier and therefore grumpier in the morning! yes i struggle through at work but i've noticed i'm more dizzy and struggle to keep my eyes open and just lately been suffering horrendous shooting pain in the lower part of my ribs (nowhere near the baby, so don't really worry)
    debz x
  • Oh a good nights sleep would be lovely, although i did get nearly a full nights sleep the other day but i was rather naughty with what i done... I had a can of stella... i no this is all down to personal preferance but I personally dont have a problem with drinking little eveyr now and then in pregnancy..

    with my first I accidently got very drunk when I was five and half months... was only going to have two pints.. but was absolutly gone with it dont know how many I had.. dont kow if it was just the 2 but has hadnt had a drink for a while it just made me drunk and with my second I celebrated my 21st b I found ou and got absolutly slaughtered, but apparently i told my dads wife i was pregnant...i didnt even no then... this time I have been different and have had the occasional drink but not very often...

    but hey as I was saying I sleept from 9pm to 5am when oh got up for work then went back to sleep when he had gone....

    I personally also cant sleep on my back although I find it comy... everytime i roll onto my back baby kicks so I roll from one side to the other...
    x x
  • I miss sleeping on my back... the reason for sleeping on your left side is that the main blood vessels to your heart are on your right so if you have your right side upwards then its easier for the blood to flow - thus less strain on your overworked body. I learned that at antenatal class!! image

    I found one of those long maternity pillows an absolute godsend - got one at 22 weeks I think and it so helped me sleep better...much better than the odd pillow. Lately though I started getting bad hip pains, and sleeping worse but I've found that putting a cushion under whichever foot is on top (does that make sense? if i lie on my left side, the cushion goes under my right foot) - that seems to help a lot with the hip pains - I think its cause its keeping my hip in a natural position - plus having your foot on cushions is good for sore ankles - which is why I started doing that in the first place.

    I live in hope that one day I'll sleep for more than 2 hours at a time again!!
  • Hi, I'm the same and have been getting hip and leg pain when lying on my side but wake up aching even more when I turn on my back! My oh is away at the moment on a course so I have been experimenting with pillows lol!!! I now have one infront of the bump so the bump can rest on it and its high enough for my arm to be over it, and one between my legs separating my knees, and one behind me so if I turn over in my sleep I only have to move the one inbetween my knees!! Not sure whether there is room in the bed for my husband when he gets back but it has made me a bit more comfortable!! I used to be more comfortable sitting up slightly but now this is really uncomfy too!

    I have also found that I am much better if I have had some exercise during the day and had a walk or something. Not sure if it maybe helps with the circulation?
    Seven weeks left and counting!!!!!!!! =p xx
  • hi anyone got the problem of getting too much sleep. i sleep like a brick at night but still feel tired thru the day advice please x x x am 25.4 days
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