hi ladies

i just wanted to say hi just found out am preg am 4 weeks only so v v v early!!!!! im scared shitless!!! keep thinking its going to go wrong!! done 10 tests inc digital (mad) im def preg but worried !!! its my 2nd baby and all went well with other preg. please tell me im not alone ladies!!! xxx


  • you deffinatly not alone I was convinced I'd lose my baby untill my scan at 14 weeks. I was always checking for blood when I went toilet and didnt belive i was pg till I saw it on that screen. I was like omg I am really pregnant I was so shocked that properbly sounds stupid. xxx
  • Hi,
    Congratulations on your BFP!! I found out at 4 weeks and I'm now at 14 weeks!!! At first it went really slow but now it's flying past!
    I did so many tests-it took till I heard the heart beat at 9 weeks to believe it! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!
    Lydia xx
  • Congratulations chick! I knew I was pregnant before I took the test this time round so I only needed one test to convince me but I had some spotting and was terified when I went for my first scan. I was really supprised to see a healthy baby kicking about lol. I don't know why but I think you worry more 2nd time round for some reason.
    Kerry xx
  • Congratulations! It's natural to be a bit worried at first but I'm sure that all will be fine for you.
  • Congratulations on your many BFPs lol

    Welcome to the world of worry! Am now 29+4 and still worry on a daily basis!!

    Heres to a happy and healthy pregnancy hon

    Love Lee
  • thanks so much ladies!!! ive booked in at docs today i know they dont do much but i think i need to!! still dont beleive it lol!! but i am NOT buying anymore tests!!! i am worrying more this time round and didnt think i would at all!!!! xx
  • i'm doing exactly the same hayleys1. I have taken so many tests and even after the nice high blood result i'm still nervous.
    have been to the drs and they didn't do a lot except try and work out a due date(difficult for me after the mc) and ask if needed anything. She has left a message as well for the midwife as i need to a have consultant led care and early scan. Will prob not stop worrying til i feel baby move and then still some when it doesn't.
    Here have some of my chilled out pma........
    Filo x
  • thanks filo!! your pma is the best pma!! well will keep you posted on docs app but they dont test at ours (not that they need to lol) should i do my last cbd? xx
  • do it anyway. Have you taken a picture/ Got mine on y phone and every time i need a pick me up i look at the photo to remind me i'm growing a little bean. Also get yourself a ticker that cheers me up too.
    Remember though that tests aren't foolproof and hcg is elevated even after a mc. so not to end with a downer heres something really funny
    Always gets me. lol
    Filo x (sorry pg turns me into a loon!)

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