what kick are you getting

Hi ladies

Was wondering what everyone was feeling and where. And how far along you are.

I'm just over 31 weeks and my baby's kick are all the way at the top under my boobs. Her kicks make me jump. And they are getting slightly uncomfortable and I feel her every morning and every night. Sometimes till early hours of the morning.

Tell me what you are experiencing and how far you are!




  • I don't feel as much with this baby as my first cos my placenta is at the front. But I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and now all the kicks seem to be on my right hand side, really far round and a big hard lump sticks up towards my boobs which feels wierd- I guess that must be the bum. Hiccups seem to all be on the left and they make me jump loads! Plus get a bit of pressure downwards which I'm hoping is the head!

  • Hi Tashy,
    I'm 31 weeks too and seem to be getting kicks in the same places all the time now, don't think he is shifting much anymore as there isn't as much room, seems to have settled upside down. I get very strong kicks to my left ribs and yeah they are surprisingly high sometimes as you say. Always at night but pretty much whenever i sit down and relax. Sometimes he just rests what must be his feet on my ribs and i can feel a definate little lump which can be a little uncomfortable until he moves. Went to the midwife this morning and she said his head is well down and confirmed where is feet were and that's what i could feel. Have you started to see your baby move across you yet? Bit weird isn't it!! I'm finding it strange when you actually see the baby move as well as feel it!!
  • Hi all, I am 28.3 weeks today and feeling kicks all over still. Now and again I get them in my bits which feels like electric shocks and make me giggle. Most of the time though they are sort of high up and on each side, oftern see my belly moving from the corner of my eye when I am working - must look funny if anyone else notices. The last couple of days I have also noticed that they are not all proper kicks, somethimes they just feel like lo is sqirming about - take it this will be normally as he/she gets bigger and runs out of room in there!!!
    Tammi xxx
    28.3 weeks
  • Hi everyone, i'm 23 + 2 and only feel below the belly button, for now!
  • Hi all
    I'm 27+3, and they tend to be more on the right-hand side, but sometimes the left too!! "Bubble" does seem to wriggle about a lot!
    Sarah xx
  • hi everyone, he kicks me every where, but mainly in sides lol and he seems to kick early morning and late at nights the most, he had hiccups this morning that was so funni!! im 30+1 xx
  • all of my kicks are over to the right hand side, just saw midwife today and she siad it could mean its a boy (?!!)
    not had them in my ribs yet - that must hurt!!
    Laura 25+5 xx
  • hi tash,think im due 2 days after u!im 31 weeks and am getting what feels like feet,knees,fists punching out all over the place really!she is head down n her bum is getting quite uncomfortable now,feel very stretched where lo sticks her bum out,under my boobs!Lots of hiccups too that tend to be felt on the bottom left hand side! Hanna 31+2days xxx
  • Im getting them on both sides at the same time which is realy strange. I also get realy rapid kicks like bubbling sensation which seems way to fast to be an arm or leg doing it. Has anyone else had this?
  • Hey ladies

    Thanks for all the responses. I too get many kick on the right hand side. And I also feel an unsual bump or lump at the top which I can only assume is a foot or something.

    And as for her moving from left to right. That really does look wierd. See you whole belly move sideways!!!

    bhrolachain: The rapid movement might the you bump doinggymnastics. My bump does really fast rapid moves as well somtimes and can be all over the place. The MW felt this one day and smiled and said nice to see such a healthy baby. So I wouldn't wory too much. Though if it continues to make you feel uneasy or worried. Mention it to your GP or MW

    Thanks all

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