Power Cut!! Is food safe?


Feeling rather peed off.

Yesterday we had an electrician in doing some rewiring in the kitchen. Little did i know that the whole flats power supply would be off for 9 hours! ! Anyway, i didn't feel safe after that eating anything from the fridge cos of what it might do to littlun. So yesterday evening i went to sainsburys and replaced everything in the fridge that could have gone off. We're only using fridge at the mo so no frozen food to think about.

When i got home today there had been a power cut. I've worked out that it was off for a maximum of 3and a half hours and have read somewhere that up to 4 hours is ok.

Now i'm worrying again about eating anything with meat in it or stuff like coleslaw etc yet again. Can't afford to replace it all again tho.

Not sure what to do :?



  • Now i'm worrying about silly things like today i took ham sandwiches to work and kept them on my desk and not in the fridge. Surely when people go out though for the day etc they don't always keep stuff in a cool bag or ice box. think i'm worrying to the extreme now and hopefully being silly.

    Can't wait til he's born so i don't have to worry so much about food!
  • Hi, with regards to the sandwiches being not in a fridge - I always go by the rule that a buffet should only be out for a maximum of two hours so anything after that I wouldn't touch...but if you are in a really hot room then I would make sure you put your food in the fridge in future or a cool bag, if your work is anything like mine then I understand you for not leaving them in the fridge as people like to eat others food where I work!
  • I just hope i haven't damaged littlun at all. I'm sure there's lots of worse things that i could have done?
  • Jus hope littlun is ok. Every little thing gets me panicking!
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