Worried about GBS Screening

Hi everyone! Just wanted to know people opinion on getting tested for GBS. Im 35 weeks pregnant. Seen my midwife today and she said I shouldn't bother coz if I test positive i'll be classed as high-risk and put on a drip during labour, and wont be able to give birth at my choice hospital. She said that even if you carry GBS, it doesn't mean it will put your baby at risk. Ive already got a little boy, who's 2 everything was fine with that birth. Really confused, but heard loads of horror stories. What do you think?


  • i've got the kit but not the money to do the test and then is it worth the stress of omg what happens if.... not sure if i'll treat it like i did the other tests. i refused them... i do believe it should be a mandatory test like rubella and hiv etc.... i know i dun have syphalus but i still got tested this GBS i don't knowei have and would like to know just don't have a spare ??35 to pay out on a test even if it will keep baby safe
  • Hiya, i have read a lot about this in pregnancy and birth magazine as they have a petition going. I am going to get tested as although it is a low risk there is still a risk to the health/life of your baby! I know that baby can develop infections such as pnuemonia or Meningitis if the bacteria is passed on so i think its better safe than sorry.

    The chances are you prob wont even have it if your prev pg was ok, but if you do you can at least get the treatment during labour (which i belive is anti biotics) dunno bout the drip though sorry.

    If you didnt want to ask mw about it again you could go for the private test off mumstuff.com (??32ish)

  • I asked my midwife about this and she said that although the nhs does not routinely test for this if I tell her at another appointment that I've got some discharge that is worrying me slighty as it has changed that she will swab me and that one of the things they will check for is GBS! But you didn't hear that from me! xxx
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