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Someone noticed today!

Hooray, the first stranger I have met asked when I was due, so I obviously do look pregnant now!!

It was such a lovely feeling. I can't wait to meet my baby boy!



  • awww thats lovely. i think you can tell now but everyone at works says nooooooooo theres nothing there...gets my back up! lol xx
  • I know it's annoying but I bet the reason they don't see much change is probably because they see you every day, so won't notice the change so easily anyway, how far along are you?
  • Aww i remember when a stranger first noticed my bump, i was sooo chuffed.
    I was in the coop and bought loadsa crisps and the lady said 'oh well, you have a good excuse'. I was sooo happy i couldve kissed her! :lol:

    Sharon xx

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