Is there or isnt there?

Well I am currently 9wks and 2 days pregnant and had my first doctors appointment this morning.
I have been having the most horrific sickness at all times of the day, cant keep anything down and just want to sleep all the time. Against my wishes she signed me off work for 2 wks and gave me something to help with the sickness.
She was really lovely and was very helpful, she did wee sample, BP and weight etc.
She then told me to lay on the bed so she could feel my tummy. As she did she had a look of concern on her face. I was quite worried and asked her what was wrong and she asked me how accurate I was of my dates. Well i am very accurate as i was writing it down etc.
She said my uterus is far to big for the dates i have given and she is quite sure that there may be 2 in there. Either that or i am more like 13 wks but i dont think this is possible!!!
She got a doppler out and she detected a heart beat however there was so much interference she could not tell for sure if there was 1 or 2.
My scan is in about 2 wks so i will know then for sure. MY GOD IT COULD BE TWINS!
We hav twins in both sides so it wont come as any surprise i suppose!x


  • Wow twins!! I really wanted twins when I was pregnant with Millie. It must be really hard work but I loved the thought of them always having someone to play with. Bet you will be counting down the days till your scan now!
    Kerry xx
  • I wanted twins too!! I am so big at the mo and people keep saying it must be even though they've seen the scan and there is only 1!! Good luck.xxxx

  • lmao we were convinced of twins!! but scan shows just one. however, im sure i can see three arms. te he.

    would be wonderful. extremely hard work, but lovely.

    let us know!!!
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