hi all just wondered if you could give me some advice i found out i was pg on friday and i have had pains that feel like my period pains sometimes its mild sometimes its more painful, as this is my first pregnancy im quite concerned over these pains my docs didnt seem too concerned but i just wanted some advice wether i should be worried or not.:\?

thanks girls



  • Hi,

    Don't worry it is totally normal and just your uterus stretching, I had this up until about 12 weeks and was told unless it gets really bad not to worry at all. It is only if it is down one side and really bad that you should worry about it being ectopic.

    Try and relax and take it easy, and congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Liz xx
  • thanks liz just needed some reassurance

  • Hi sez, people have told me that these pains are normal this is my 2nd pregnancy I iv had them with both pregnancies. Im only 7+1 and they have eased off now but for me the pains wer like stabbings everytime I sneezed or coughed unexpectly. Sorry if this is not much help but just to let u know ur not on ur own with these worries. Kerry x
  • definately dont worry. i felt like my period was about to start all the time. even in the second trimester. im 36+3 now and all is fine xx
  • wah thats just what i had pains when coughing and sneezing and pains like period pains .people say normal but does make u worried i know i still am. good luck and congratsx
  • thanks girls glad other people in the same boat its very reassuring

  • It's definitely normal, when I first found out it was very painful and I never had period pains before! When I had my booking-in at 10 weeks I didn't mention it but my mw bought it up, she said I might get them especially if i cough or sneezed like you girls said and it does happen! I got the pains again last week but its just the uterus stretchin cos I am quite big now! Philippa 16+1 x x x
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