Hi Ladies,
Yesterday I had what was meant to be 28 week check up with the midwife, but due to christmas I am actually 30 weeks today. I am glad I meet with her. "My little Man" had been rather still for the last few days, which I told her about. Before I could finish the sentence she was on the phone to the hospital (York District) letting them know she was sending me for monitoring.
I was rather scarred about been monitored as I have not had this before and was not sure what would happen. The midwife who looked after me at the hospital was wounderful. She explained everything to me about the heart rate, the different noise's I would hear from the machine when "my little man" moved and the results.
I cant thank both the midwifes enough, they made me at easy and "my little man" must have been having a rest for a few days, he was active and fine.
I really enjoyed watching his heart rate change and learning about how it increase's when he moves and how it settles back down. Listtening to his heart beat for over half an hour was very special and wounderfull.


  • Thank you for sharing that with us. The midwives in my area are lovely too. It must've been a shock at first but you have had a lovely outcome. Look after yourself, Denise xxx
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