Physio today for spd

Well I shall be off in a bit to see the antenatel physiotherapist regarding my SPD.. I am hoping she will give me a bit more advice than what I have found out already... hoping she would also help with concerns about labour and birth etc...

Hopefully I will have some useful information to add to this thread when I get back later so if there is anyone else out there who has lik me been told that they have spd but given no info I can help...

All the best

Lisa x


  • good luck with physiio Lisa fingers crossed she puts your mind at ease!

  • Hi Lisa
    Hope you physio more helpful to you than mine was 2 weeks ago. They just told me stuff id already looked up on web like how to get in and out of bed and car, how to walk up stairs. They also gave me a support belt which is great when im walking around but digs in when sitting so have to either take in car and try put it on in car park or sit with it on and be uncomfortable!!! :roll:
  • Hi,
    same here! Hope you got on better then i did. When i went to see the physiotherapist i was expecting to have physio with it being my second time and alot worse than the first time i had it, but instead she told me what i already knew and gave me crutches to help walking. She did say that i could do a couple of exercises i did after i had my lad but limited to what i can do. Have only seen her that one time. Waste of time really. Im getting so down, depressed and frustrated with my SPD im counting the days until he arrives, seems to of got worse as his head has engaged image
  • WOW is all I can say.. My physio was great we had a real laugh. There was ment to be three od us but only me turned up so I had a one to one appointment.

    She was really helpful. I told her what I had read off sites and of course from here. SHe re capped everything to make sure I knew everything..

    She also answered all the questions I had.. Including birth and labour. She told me to avoid if possible giving birth in the 'traditional' way of sitting back and pushing, and the best position was on all fours.. a home birth would be better for me if I have a problem free pregnancy as I would be more relaxed helping baby more.

    There is no suggestions to say that labour is longer and harder or quicker with spd, and is generally the same as a birth without spd. She said difficult labours probably come from when the baby is facing the wrong way (not face down but face up) when delivery can be dfficult anyway..

    She did give me the lovely belt/brace. She showed me how to put it on and showed me ways of walking to help relieve pain, which amazingly worked. She told me to only wear the belt when upright and for walking and to take it off when sitting down. If I am going out in the car take it off when in the car then wrap it round when I get back out and adjust it once standing.

    She was a gem and the whole thing wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I think it helped as she also suffered from SPD with her second pregnancy. And I find that when someone is giving advice and they have been there they can be a lot more helpful than someone who hasnt...

    She has told me not to do housework as hoovering and pushing a trolley can agrevate the problem, and also I am not allowed to use my local tesco store as she said it is too big for me to walk around. ANd suggested that when I go shopping (especially xmas) to hire one of them mobility scooters to help get around... I did laugh, I thought OMG I suffer bad enough from trolley rage, what woudl I be like with a bloody scooter... ankles watch out...lmao

    well my mind is at ease now sort of and I can go back to rest and doing bugger all as she said it would really help and may even reduce the SPD. I have to get some 'sexy satin' (as she called it) pjs to help me turn over in bed in bed as I find that a struggle and if it still bad in bed in a month or so I am to go back and she will give me a tubigrip for bedtime... what a turn

    oh and she was also shocked about my mw comments about not being seen for so long... think if I am not careful I will have her hung out to dry...hehehehe

    Thanks for all your support and help...

    Lisa x

  • Awww glad you got sorted. The physiotherapist that i saw had SPD in her pregnancy to. The first time i saw one in my last pregnancy just gave me a belt and that was it, no advice or anything but its being more recognised now. 5 years ago they hardly knew of the condition and it was by me looking up on the internet that i found out i had SPD.

    Sexy satin PJ's hey....i might have to get some. The hubby might think hes in for a good night though! lol
  • Lmao debs bet he would... I was thinking what effect it would have if I have to have a stunning pmsl

    I def think SPD is more recognised now a days... still dont help the pain though but hopefully will be able to deal with it better now x
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