Guess the sex.....


So many of you have had your 20 week scan, I have mine on Friday. Was just wondering how many of you did the whats the sex of your baby quiz on here and how many were correct?

It tells me Im having a girl.

Kerry 20 weeks xxx


  • Hi I am a mixed bag really it told me my first 2 were boys, both were girls! It told me this one was a boy and was right!

    So not much help but good luck for friday. xxx
  • Thanks madnbella, I did it on my first 2 and it was right both times on those. So keeping my fingers crossed as I would love another girl. But after seeing my cousins baby boy at the weekend, he was a week old. I would be very happy with either.

    Kerry xxx
  • I found out on the 26th of last month i was goin to have a girl and ive just done the test on here and it says the same!
    i'm hopeing there both right!!!image
  • Have you already got one of each then? I was convinced this one was another girl that its gonna be all new to me when little man comes along, even silly things like changing his bum!

    Only 2 more sleeps til friday, my hospital scan is until the 17th and i will be 22+3 by then and cant wait xx
  • Yeah. Matthew is 7 and Chloe is 5. They are so excited. Have you thought of any names yet. I have loads of girls ones that I like but am stuck on boys names.

    kerry xxx
  • We have only just in the last couple of weeks decided on George Charlie for him after my grandad and charlie for my oh. We found out at 16 weeks so took us a little while, whereas we had loads of girls names, you would have thought that we would have run out of girls names and had loads of boys names but it was the opposite.

  • It got both of mine right! It said girl for my 3 yr old daughter and girl for this one, which I found out yesterday is right!xxx
  • Where is the quiz, I cant find it o_O ...
  • Mine said 77% girl and the predictor on here said girl and it was right and every one was convinced i was having a boy x
  • It said girl for me but we're not finding out. Had 20 week scan and didn't find out but hubby thinks it's a boy!

    Louise 22 weeks.
  • hi mine said girl but im def having a boy so was wrong for me
  • It told me a girl,, and I was so sure it was. But had my scan Monday and we are having a baby boy!!

    So totally wrong but so was my intuition!
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