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Hi mums and tums,
Just thought id see if anyone has hit the stage in thrid trimester yet where they seem to be spending most of their lifes on the toilet. I spent the first 12wks of my pregnancy backwards and forwards to the toilet, then it settled down, and now at 27wks im back and forth agen. The thing is im only going a lil bit at a time and starting to get a little sore down below because of the constant wiping (sorry if tmi). Is anyone going through this and do u have any suggestions as to how a feel a lil more comfortable down stairs. Kerry xxx


  • Hiya kerry,
    I am exactly the same it's gettin a bit annoyin cos just get in a comfy position when am sittin down and then have to get up to go to loo again and then can't get comfy again! Mayb usin really soft toilet paper mite help with the soreness. Sorry it's not much help, but jst thought i'd let u no ur not the only 1!
  • Yes I've hit that third stage too. Had to get up twice to pee last night. Just like the early days! Hasn't caused any probs down below though.
  • Not sure I can help with the weeing but with last babe I was sore below (piles ouch!) and used moist paper aaah.
  • Try Andrex Aloe Vera - that's lovely and soft image
  • I am near enough 29 wks now and hating going to bed!

    It feels like every time I get comfortable I have to get up for a bloody wee!! If I go out I spend ages planning my route around where there are stairs (coz of SPD) and where there are toilets!

    Luckily am not feeling sore but if I was I might think about breaking into my stock of baby wipes - sure there will be more offers coming up lol

    Love Lee
  • Cheers ladies, im thinking softer toilet paper or baby wipes might be the answer. Either that or dnt have a drink from now until baby is born, roll on july, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • LMAO!!!

    Dehydration - hadnt thought of that one but will defo give it a go if lack of sleep gets any worse lol
  • I'm finding that I can't stop needing a wee, when I get there I do a little wee! Dreading going back to work on Monday as I can only go when it's playtime! Need to start training my bladder ....
  • sorry to hear you're feeling uncomfy - not sure what to suggest - wonder if cranberry juice would help? anyway, I'm o.k in the day but last couple weeks keep getting up 3 times in the night - oh well !!!!! hope it eases soon.

    e.d.d 4th july
  • Hi all
    Hardly see the point of going to bed either up going to the loo or just plain uncomfortable!! Roll on maternity leave, so i can sleep in the day!!
    Sarah xx
    29 weeks
  • Hi been having the same thing peeing so much that my bits have got very sore and with lumps on tmi here is the best thing i have found for this use softer toilet paper and put some of your Lo nappy rash cream on i.e sudacrem it has worked wonders i put it on a few times a day and touch wood it has started to clear up the soreness and redness ( i know its not thrush and mw said its due to going the toilet so much as just like babies the wee is burning my skin) so maybe try this hope it helps Sophie 36+4 xx

  • i think it helps me if i drink loads and then when i have a wee if i sit normally and then wait till its stoppped, if i lean right forward with my legs wide open (sorry if tmi) then more comes out and a feel empty for a bit longer xxx

  • Yeah I have only just started this problem. It's fine in the day but a bloody nightmare at night. I don't understand it - I don't drink for an hour before bed, I go to the loo before bed and I get up 2 times in the night for a wee. And then in the morning my bladder is full again. How?!?! I would try using baby wipes to deal with the sore problem lol. xxxxx

  • tell me about it - 5 times last night 5 TIMES!!! what with that and 4 pillows propping me up to stop heartburn, one between my legs to stop backache and one under bump coz its really heavy sleep is a luxury!!

    I tend to use baby wipes everytime as i think i have the start of piles as well ( glamorous!) and also heard that drink lots during the day and then really limit fluid after about 7pm can help. Tried it and seemed to make a difference but then i take Gaviscon which is high in salt so end up really thirsty at nigh - ITS A VICIOUS CIRCE!!!

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