im realy getting nervus now

hi all
i have a appointment tomorrow with the hospital to talk about starting me off as baby is big had a scan and they said he/she is over 8llb already
im 37+3 and now im getting realy nervus as my little girl got stuck when she was born and i had a realy bad time she was only 7,3llb
i dont want a c - section as that means i cant drive for some time after and i live in the middle of know where so need my car
i know all this sounds realy lame but im feeling so worried about the birth it making me fill sick
i have got this dibites thing thats why the baby has got so big that what they said anyway has any one else been thow something like this where there frist got stuck thanks for reading this :\?


  • I can understand how you're feeling so nervous. I haven't got diabetes but have to have elective section as I've already had 2. Chat to the docs and explain how you're feeling and I'm sure they'll be able to reassure you somewhat.

    Try to keep your mind open to a section though, just in case - I appreciate what you're saying about driving and it is a nightmare, but if you feel fit and well to drive before the 6 weeks they recommend you can go to your GP and they can declare you fit to drive (they've got to be convinced you could do an emergency stop if necessary).

    Good luck hon - will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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