bfp but...

hi all got bfp today 1 day late for af but is it normal to still feel she will show her ugly head anyminute and if so how long does it last x


  • Hi hun - I had the feeling af was on her way for the week before and after bfp!!
    Congratulations and welcome to the pregnancy forum.
  • thanks lisa yes had it for a few days last week spent all weekend with pads on just waiting for her. x
  • Hi honey, Congratulations! Yes it is normal, I felt like its for ages and the worse things is in the early stages you get twinges and cm that makes you think you've come on so you constantly run to the loo to check is she has arrived or not. Its a bloody nightmare!

    Georgie xx 20+2
  • I'm exactly the same, so much CM I think AF has arrived!

  • Hiya! Congratulations on your BFP. I also felt lke I was about to come on for a while after getting my BFP, it is completely normal. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy! Sapphire (20 weeks today)
  • Hi Bev,

    Brilliant, congratulations. Yes, I had the same, felt like she was on her way, I still get it when she would have been due too..........................

  • Congrats Bev!!!!!

  • Bev,

    great news hun!! yes I had cramps until week 7, got them again week 11 and now at week
  • Hi Bev and other ladies, thanks for your reassurance, I feel a bit better now as I am the same!! AF was due anytime between last Thurs (19th) and yesterday (Sun 22nd) but I was due to go out drinking on Friday night so I did a FR test and it was positive, so were the next 2!! So were the 2 Boots tests I did over the weekend too!! Needless to say I didn't drink when i went out! OH has banned me from doing anymore tests til later in the week if I feel it necessary, but I am guessing that all 5 can't be wrong. I have been getting the same period-type cramps all weekend and today and have been rushing to the loo panicking. I am so happy, excited and scared. I will be 5 weeks on Thursday. Kate x
  • thanks ladies its just so early days anything can happen , i will do a cbd in a few days for reassurance as it just feels the witch will appear lol as they wre faint pos but definatly there x x
  • Congratulations on your bfp babe. I am still having slight cramps at 21 weeks, I remember feeling as though AF was going to show her face just after getting my bfp too

  • Congrats Bev, really pleased you have got your BFP xx
  • Congratulations Bev- a line is a line! Recurring theme here- felt like Af would arrive for some time after BFP. Kept running to loo to check. Have a happy and Healthy 9 months x
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