Antenatal classes 2nd time around


I was just wondering how many of you went to antenatal classes again with their 2nd/3rd and so on pregnancies?
I really didnt enjoy them the first time around and to be honest for me personally didnt find them helpful in labour or afterwards, there was alot of focus on domestic violence (which I know is important) but I felt really let down by them in some ways.

Not sure if I want to go again, not sure if I should!


  • I did ask this time but my MW said I would probably find it boring, be like teaching me to suck eggs.

    just remember that the MW is there to ask any questions, but if you've done it once or twice I would say don't bother.
  • Hi, never got offered them second or third time. First time around I felt a bit like you didn't really find them very useful but liked going with hubbie, if only for the giggles on the way home!!!!! xxx
  • Hi, I was keen to go to at least one class as my previous pregnancy was over 14 years ago & feel like I've forgotten more than I ever knew! Hubby was also keen as this is his first baby. We opted for what was described on the form as a "refresher" class, as the time in the evening was better for us than the other classes, but now our invitation's come through (it's next week) it says it's for an "active birth session". Anyway, we'll go & see what it's like - it's only a couple of hours of our lives.
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