Water retention?

Hi, I am only 4weeks 1day, but have noticed that I already seem to be getting a bit of a 'bump'. I have to undo the button on my jeans etc when sitting down or driving as its really quite uncomfortable. Is this normal? Did anyone else start to bump this early or is it possible to get water retention when pg? I didnt really suffer from bloating b4 af, and am a size 6-8, so could it be down to that? Any help would be appreciated as I am convinced that I will end up as big as an elephant at this rate! :lol:


  • Hi PP, I think I'm retaining water too, am bout 5 1/2 wks gone and I'm so bloated etc..I reckon I look about 5 months LOL, went out and got some early term maternity jeans today just to feel a bit more comfy, hopefully it will all calm down soon.
  • hi pp, ive been the same im now 6+1 wks and have had to start opening the top button of my jeans when sitting down because it pulls on my tummy never started showing with my son until i was 25-30 weeks and even then didnt show much (left work at 35 wks and half of the parent of the children i used to look after didnt even know i was pregnant lol) so dont know whats going on this time lol xx
  • I'm 5+1, size 8-10 and feel quite bloated and uncomfortable, which is really uncommon for me. The reason I know it's not all in my head is that normally when I'm in the shower I look down and can see my bits, but at the moment I can't!!

    Unfortunately I don't look remotely pregnant, I just look like I've eaten a few too many pies :\(
  • :lol: I can relate to that PTB, I look like I have swallowed and Easter egg whole at the mo!
    Purple, didnt know you could get such things as early term maternity gear! Where do you get those from? Are they worth the money? Dont really want to resort to trackie bottoms this early, and am sick of hoiking my jeans up if I forget to fasten em b4 walking off! ( Its also a pain fumbling with the button when I get out of the car! :lol: )
    EmmA, I would be gutted if I didnt have a bump at 30+ weeks! :lol:

    Thanx for all your replies, Im reassured to know its common (there are twins in my family, so that thought crossed my mind too!) Thanx guys xx
  • I didn't have this but then I was bigger before pregnancy, a size 14. I think slimmer people show sooner. I didn't show until 16 weeks but when I did my bump was really big and round! Now it is like a huge hard beach ball! I think the maternity clothes from Peacocks are good for early term. They fitted me well earlier on but now the 'bump band' bit isn't long enough. H&M clothes are good for later and the ones I bought at 16 weeks still fit now. xxxx


  • Thanx TigerLilly, I am really looking forward to buying maternity clothes (is that sad? dont care if it is! :lol: ) and its always nice to have personal reccommendations from people who have tried stuff. I think your bump looks great, as its obviously all bump! Hope mine is like that! xx
  • That was me at 32 weeks btw! I am a lot bigger now...

    I bet you're really excited. Try and enjoy your 1st trimester cos I didn't and next time I will really try to as its a really special thing walking around wondering 'can people tell'! xxxx


  • Hi PP, I got my early term jeans from mothercare, they are really comfy and you dont have to faff about with buttons etc.. They should probably last until yr about 14/16 wks depending on how fast/big your bump grows!!
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