I Fell Over....

as I was leaving work this afternoon.. I fell over... I mainly landed on my hands and my right hand side... but it gave me a real shock - a few hours later.. and a soak in the bath.. I am having the odd twinge - but then I get those quite often.. I did speak with the early pregnancy unit at the hospital and she said that unless I had bleeding or strong pain - then all should be well - as the baby is well cushioned.. but it doesn't stop me worrying... has anyone else fallen over... I am 13 weeks... xx


  • Hiya

    Havent fallen over (touch wood) but just thought Id say take care and rest up and try and not worry x x x
  • at 19 weeks i fell down the stairs only a step or two but sort of flew to the left anf landed hard on my left side i tripped over the bloody cat!! i was totally freaked i went to mw just to check and all was fine she said you would have to be quite seriously injured to do any harm to the baby as they are well protected but it still scared the wotsits out of me!! i mainly hurt my back more actually. scary i know but you should be fine!! plus i got in trouble at work for taking time off to check the baby...cheeky bugers!
  • I fell when I was about 20 weeks with my last child. I tripped and fell UP the stairs and landed on the landing. I was scared but as it didn't hurt I didn't get checked out or anything. Just try to relax.
  • Hi June,

    I fell arse over tit down a steep set of wooden stairs naked (don't ask) at 12 weeks!!!

    I was black and blue and covered in friction burns with a suspected broken shoulder and I could hardly move my back . I was convinced I had lost our baby, they scanned me immediatley when I got to hospital and beanie was doing loop the loops waving her arms about. I went on to have a very healthy baby who's now 4.

    When I was at the hopspital they said that our babies are really well protected inside and it takes a significan trauma to the abdomen to have an effect.

    try not to worry to much babe
  • I slipped and fell down the stairs at around 14 weeks....landed on my arse (plenty of padding for baby!). Baby is still doing fine. My med student friend reassures me on aregular basis that babies are well protected inside you.. and you are more likely to be hurt than baby as baby because of all the fluid and padding. My friend said to me so long as there is no pain or bleeding then not to worry.

    Also I know someone who fell down stairs at about 26ish weeks and her baby was fine too.
  • You'll be fine I am sure, try not to worry.
    I spoke to a friend who had her baby last January and she confessed that the day before she was supposed to be going to hospital to be induced (she was overdue) she slipped on the snow straight onto her bump and her waters burst and she went into labour! No harm to baby might I add, just must have given him the wake up call he needed to get moving! So might be a tip for all us mums that are hoping we don't go over due!! lol!! x
  • oh thank you all so much... really really so much better this morning - although a little bruised and sleepy - through lack of sleep... wondering if I had done any lasting harm... but I am sure that I would know by now.... bleeding or something...

    Anyway thank you all again.. and I shall now walk like a granny - so I never fall again..

  • Yeah it happened to me too, I was walking along on some grass and got my foot stuck in a rabbit hole (um, I think it was!). I would have fallen on my belly but I caught myself on my hands. Nearly fell down the stairs the other day as well!

    The dog stepped on my bump yesterday too which always worries me as she's quite a big dog but I listen on my doppler to make sure babys ok. I'm sure it's all fine, try not to worry.
  • the hosp shud give u a scan just 2 keep ur mind at rest - but i think you will be fine. because ur so early on the baby is so small and well protected image xx
  • I fell at 12 weeks as well from laughing too much. and i was sat on a fold up chair. A very hard fall cause as I somehow managed to fall under the chair.

    Everything was absolutely fine. Tough a reassuring scan should be expected from your doctor. I would ask for that.
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