After finding out BFP how long before you BD?

We havent BD since, 1, because I have been going to bed at 20:30 and 2 I am a little worried, I have early scan on Wednesday and then will be happy to again, I feel awful for OH, this is the longest ever


  • We BD as usual prob a few days after but we didnt do it as often and he was very gentle with me


  • Are you nervous about hurting baby? That's very very unlikely to happen. Your baby is safely hidden away. Ask your OH to be gentle. It's good for you!
  • No not worried about hurting the baby at all, not lost sex drive and looking forward to it.

    But lately I have seen a few posts where girls have BD then bled after and I wouldnt want that worry.

    Also if you have had several miscarrys then they sometimes suggest no sex until 12 weeks, this is my first pregnancy but how do you know you are not a misscarrier and therefore I was just being a little cautious?

    hope that makes sense xx
  • We BD the first time last weekend .God I was scared! It was a bit sore on my cervix

    14+1 x
  • 15weeks for me hun.
  • Oh phew not only me then x
  • I did it within a few days I think. I had an active sex life throughout my first pregnancy and although it has not been as active with this one (as both my OH and I seem to want it at different times at the mo'!) I still have sex regularly.

    dont worry it does no harm to the baby and is only not recommended if you have had a miscarriage in the past.

    You just have to be more careful in some positions as you get bigger, but again the baby is cushioned so if you get 'caught up in the moment' it will be fine.

    sometimes I forget im pregnant and only realise when bump gets in the way - enjoy!

  • Its only natural to be scared I was petrified and did get a bit of pain sometimes when he hit my cervix - id constantly be checking for bleeding. but now my cervix has gone really high up and disappeared I find I do enjoy it a lot more and am a lot less concious. You will know when its right hun


  • We have not since and OH says he doesn't want to at all!! He is scared to hurt me or the baby. I have told him not be silly and its fine. We will see how long that lasts 9 months is a long time!!
  • It was 16 weeks ish...I must admit we were both very cautious as I had had a bit of bleeding up to 12 week mark. I found it quite un comfortable and we haven't since. Think we both found it 19 weeks now and feeling like I'll never do it again :roll::roll::roll:

  • We havent changed our habits one bit since falling pregnant, carried on as usual and think we even did the night we got our BFP. The baby is well protected in there so unless you have had any bleeding, its not normally an issue.


  • I had a bleed at about 9 weeks after sex, it was everywhere and scared the life out of me. I had my scan and everything is fine.

    I was advised by the nurse to carry on as normal as long as im not brick laying or anything over the top. She told me in the nicest possible way that if anything bad was going to happen it would happen regardless and wouldnt be because of anything I had done.

    Hope that helps
    Lisa xxx
  • Im so glad im not the only one. Im like you ladyK, i have read so many threads where ladies have bleed after and i would be petrified!! Were going to wait until our 12 weeks scan and then go from there.

  • Hi hun, We're waiting until after 12 weeks too. After mc last time we just don't want to take any risks. If I had any bleeding I think I would freak out.

    Poor hubby is finding it hard though and has forbidden me to get changed in front of him!!
  • We still havent as Ive had two mcs and was advised by my midwife to not have sex for a bit.

    But we do 'other things' so its really not so bad. its kind of like were dating again which is quite fun!

    15+5 xx
  • We havn't yet!!! i am 12 +2 today and have our 12weeks scan on Monday and then we defo will, im gagging for is as im sure hubby will be lol but im scared incase i bleed i was panic then xxx
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