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Childbirth Orgasams....

Saw this on a pregnants friends facebook.


  • omg!! haha i would be embarressed if i started doing this in labour but hey still looks like fun haha
  • That is just totaly wierd! x
  • haha its hilarious, cant be true tho! can it?
  • OMG!!!!!!! So weird!
  • Well that certainly never happened to me last time.
    I think I would like to give it a miss too, not something I want to be doing infront of my mw and doctor!
  • what a load of crap
  • I read about this in one of my natural childbirth books, apparently even snogging your partner can release hormones that makes it less painfull!

    Don't think i'd be trying that in front of my midwife though
  • Heres hoping !!!
  • its impossible TMI but when you orgasm your body is desinged to suck everything up towards the cervix so how can you push baby out when it bein g sucked up what a load of tosh lol
  • haha I'll try and think of this when I'm in labour
  • Katie don't say that just tell us its like an orgasm we've stil got it all to go through!!
  • Hmm..def didn't happen to me! LOL.
  • I don't think it's messed up, lol. It's quite well known - 'orgasmic birth' - because apparently sexual contact during labour (obviously not the pushing stage lol) can realise hormones that lessen the pain, it does make sense, I mean I always feel a lot better after sex!
    Also it is true that the more you relax and 'go with' the contractions, the easier it is! I would still say an epidural is the best way for me though hehe
  • Orgasmin is about sex not pushing a little innocent baby out!

    How are babies made anyway? ;\) I had sex all through pregnancy and do when my lil boy is in the same room (asleep) so its really no different to that! Having an orgasm during labour is not paedophilia or anything....
  • actually im sure i saw something about this on dawn porter's 'documentary' or whatever you would call it about childbirth??? i don't think its 'f**ked up', its something our body does naturally, but i do think its a bit wierd, but i guess only because we are all bought up thinking labour is the most painful thing ever ?
  • I think that's a beautiful thing, but then again i'm very, very open minded seeing as i'm being induced this time maybe i should try to get the OH to kiss me more might lessen the pain somewhat hmmm me thinks i'll have to talk to the OH and see if i can get him to agree and i'll let you know if it does work!!!!

  • I wish it was like! If my hubby had tried to snog me during labour i would probably have throttled him lol.
  • me too! I told him to f off just trying to hold my hand! I was fully dilated at the time tho. Not sure about this orgasam thing, although there is that much pressure down there during natural childbirth, that I can see how it is possible.
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