... am I so big. For those of u who are on bump buddies on facebook u will have seen my pictures and i feel like a whale. Im 28wks tomorrow and people keep asking me how long iv got left expecting me to say a week or two. Im covered in stretch marks (which are all from first pregnancy so wasnt a shock) but i just dnt feel like one of those cute, glowing pregnant women. Im starting to feel really down and im sick of people commenting on my size...of course im big im pregnant, stupid! Dnt think i can handle another 12wks of people commenting and me getting even bigger, it physicallt tiring as well as emotionally doing my head in. Ahhh! xxx


  • I was told my bump looked like a pouch on a kangaroo tonight! Wasn't sure how to take it really!

    Try not to let it get you down!
  • Aww, please dont feel bad. One thing you should know about people is they will always find something to comment on. I know its easier said then done but please try to ignore these silly peoples comments and try not to let it get to you.
    fatema xxx
  • Oh Kerry I feel the same. I am massive and this is my first baby. Just because you become pregnant people feel like they have the right to criticise your body shape. I got really upset when someone said to me, "You're big, when are you due" (I'm 28 weeks now but they said this a few weeks ago) and I said, "Oh, I am not pregnant I just need to fart." I walked off feeling smug. It still gets to me though.

    Ps I have bad stretch marks Boo HOO!
  • I know where you are coming from mate!

    Am now feeling like a beached whale thanks to "kindly" comments from the local old dears! If I get asked again if its twins I swear ...

    Am 29 wks but at least I know only got 9 wks til section - like you the thought of another 12 wks makes me wanna scream!

    Chin up babe - you can rant on here to us as much as you wanna!!!
  • Cheers girls just feeling really sorry for myself, and im dying for someone to say "oh ur not that big", ha ha ha yeah right. I dnt mind people commenting (or at least i thought i didnt) but im just feeling like shit, and really ugly. Think i need to start eating more "lift me up" foods to give me some positive energy. xxx
  • discodevilx i like that really made me laugh lol ill try to remember thta one for next time someone says something to me lol Kerry i wouldnt worry too much not long now just keep thinking your cooking a little beauty in there who will be your permanent miracle try to keep this in mind and ignore the ppl who comment they obviously have nothing better to think about hun Sophie 37wks xx


  • Awww Kerry of course you're big you're pregnant! I hate people who make comments on my size, for god's sake, it's so rude. My bump is pretty big (46 inches? Or 49 - can't remember!) but I'm fed up of people making comments like "Oh you're going to have a huge baby" and "Is it twins" aaarrrrghhhh. xxxxx


  • when someone says to me 'oh my god your HUGE!!!' i respond in a very flat tone and ster look on my face yes. Thanks for that. then raise my eye brow lol

    seems to stop them in there tracks! lol i cant imagine why! lol
  • Yeah im usually pretty snappy with the come backs, last time i was pregnant iand people made a comment i would say "well im pregnant, wats ur excuse?" (Probably abit harsh but it made me feel better). Dnt no wats wrong with me this time round tho its really getting to me, not just other peoples comments but my own comments that are going round my head. Oh well i suppose its all part and parcel of creating new life. xxx
  • I'm bigger this time round 3rd pg and they say it's because everything has stretched before and there's more space in there etc.... I feel a bit like a duck LOL waddling along already - just ignore peoples comments - nosey/interferring parkers!!! I'm sure you're blooming and just feel a bit crap with hormones = got all those spring / summer maternity clothes to get out soon and show off that gorg. bump hun!!!

    chelle xxx
    e.d.d 4th July
  • HI Kerry I have seen your pic and your bump is beautiful! As you may know all I wanted was a bump like yours and Zoeys as I didn't really start to show until about 24 weeks and now I feel like I am growing by the day, lol (will post a pic on face book to proove it)! As for stretch marks mine have started coming on too, at the end of the day they are to be expected and just think it won't be long till we are all holding our little bumdles of joy! Tammi xxx

  • oh god I know where your coming from! I was at work a couple of weeks ago and a customer asked when it was due and I said 31st of august and she went "bloody hell, how many are you having?"! I explained it was only one but this is my second and she declared she'd been working in maternity for 20 years and had never seen anyone as big as me at 17 weeks (which I was at the time). I wasnt sure if I should laugh or cry!
  • People are just so insensitive aren't they, do they really think that we care about their opinions. Im gona have a t-shirt printed that says "just don't talk to me", ha ha ha. xxx
  • Hi Kerry,
    I'm fairly new on the pregnancy forum but thought I'd join in this one!!!

    I'm sorry your feeling down about the size of your bump, people really can be horrid can't they!! I'm only 14 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy and I have a definate bump! My boss actually asked if I could possibly have my dates wrong-and the lady who scanned me didn't help when she wrote in my notes 'viewing restricted by mothers bmi!!' I mean how rude!!
    As Sbradley said your cooking a beauty in there and thats all that matters!!

    As for stretch marks I have old 'silver ones' from my other pregnancy's that go about an inch higher than my belly button!!! I get really embarrassed about them-but the other day my husband changed that. This is his first baby and he's having to put up with my moods-when I got upset about how I looked with all my stretch marks he pointed out that they are similar to war wounds-like a medal that we should be proud of, we have been through a lot for them and they are part of being a mother. It may sound a little silly, but it really touched me-it's very true!!
    Lydia xx
  • Do you know Lydia maybe your husband is right - we should celebrate pregnancy and all the stuff that comes with it such as stretchmarks, weight gain, spots and moodiness etc etc. Maybe like the Dove advert celebrating real women we should just love our bumps no matter how big or small and sod people who make nasty comments.
  • Tink27 my sister in law actually said the same thing with regards to stretchmarks, that we should be proud! At the end of the day its a bloody long hard nine months of baking babies and we are bound to have some war wounds as your oh put it. I think we should all be proud of them too.
    Tammi xxx

  • lol Gok wan said that on how to look good naked last night too! I agree with him, we shouldnt be ashamed, most women have them and they're something to be proud of!
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